Ruby Red Slippers

While attending a writing retreat in Joshua Tree, California, we took a field trip to enjoy a sound bath at “Integraton” — an unforgettable experience. In addition to a gift shop, multiple hammocks set up for guest naps, and hand-blown glass artwork hanging from the trees, they had other things to capture one’s attention.

In “The Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy Gale’s house is carried by a cyclone from Kansas, over the rainbow, to the magical land of Oz, where it lands on and kills the Wicked Witch of the East who’s wearing Dorothy’s ruby red slippers.

Not a sight you see every day, this was double-take worthy!

[bctt tweet=”What’s the most recent double-take sight that’s captured your attention?” username=”@TuesWithLaurie”]

What’s the most recent double-take sight that’s captured your attention?


60 thoughts on “Ruby Red Slippers

  1. Good morning, Laurie. The past few months have been so go-go-go for April and I that I haven’t taken the time I need to notice double-take-worthy things. It’s a great reminder that I need to notice them.

  2. Your post title captured my attention. The working title of my novel is “Choosing Ruby Slippers.”
    (P.S. Did you know that in the original L. Frank Baum work, the slippers were silver? So much better as ruby, I think.)

  3. As an Oz fan, this is astounding for me to see! I had double-take sights in the last few months, but as it happens often, I don’t recall them at command. Of one thing I’m sure though; double-take sights are unique stand-alone experiences. Thanks for sharing this, Laurie.

  4. Double-takes: intriguing idea, but afraid I come up empty on finding any in my life, currently. Would you say there’s a connection to first having an expectation or assumption? I think so. Love these chewables.

  5. I was out watering my new trees when my first ever large tiger swallowtail butterfly came to visit my yard. That was double-take worthy, for sure. I guess planting those fast-spreading lilies a neighbor gave me was worth all the time it’s taking to keep them under control.

  6. One morning last week I saw a big bear climbing over my back wrought iron gate with big sharp claws. My heart started to beat real fast. On second look I noticed it was wearing a mask and realized it was not a bear but a raccoon.Even so it was very scary. I’ve been obsessing checking to make sure my doors are locked.

  7. When I read your post, I often read comments too. I love Arlene’s working title for her book, Choosing Ruby Slippers. One of my working titles included “Shiny Red Shoes,” but I set it aside because it didn’t seem right for my story.

    I wore black “slippers” in a photo as a child which the designers dyed ruby red for my memoir book cover.

    As you know, shoes are a magical mode of transportation. What a photo find, Laurie!

  8. Ruby red slippers remind me of golden ones I had and loved wearing them.
    When you have grandchildren around you, even sprinklers in the garden present a double-take sight! 🙂

  9. Every once in a while I do a double take on a book that I have read….I have just finished OVERSTORY (review September 2) I just loved every page, and although it is long 500+ pages, I have started to read it once again. The main characters are trees! I am sure I will read it again as the writing is amazing and inspiring

  10. Enjoyed your post, Laurie. But I can’t help feeling sorry for the witch. I think she was misunderstood. Do villains have to be killed or can they be rehabilitated? Have you read or watched Wicked?

    • Leanne — I’ve seen the play, “Wicked, and enjoyed it very much. As for rehabilitation… I think that’s something that does/doesn’t on a case-by-case basis. Every person is unique, as are their “results.”

  11. Living in the suburbs of Los Angeles where I travel the freeways on a routine basis, you’d think something would come to mind, but it doesn’t! Perhaps I have begun to tune out all the odd! LOL! Your photo really made me smile. We spend time in the Joshua Tree vicinity quite often and I think I’m going to do some research to find “Integration.” I’m very interested!

  12. Looking in the mirror, and seeing my mother. Sometimes I have to look twice, and make sure it’s me, and not her!

  13. Wow Laurie! You took me back in time, so to speak. I LOVE the Wizard of Oz…. and Dorothy! Yet now, I’m fixated on the ruby red slippers haha! Thanks for the fresh perspective. You make me smile and embrace gratitude in my heart! ❤️

  14. Not exactly a double-take, but amusing none-the-less … this morning I ventured out onto the patio only to be accosted by a humongous web, spun by a spider no bigger that a fingernail.
    Much to Mdme Spider’s disgust my flailing about undid her handiwork must monstrously. So what did she do? She stomped down the remaining thread, yes spiders do stomp, and it’s a rather disconcerting sight when done within 30 cm/12 inches of one’s nose, and proceeded to gather in the remnants of her web with her two front legs as though she were winding a winch.All the while casting baleful glances my way with at least half her compliment of eyes.
    I beat a dignified strategic withdrawal before things got out of hand. 😀

  15. My double-take moment was in June when my husband and I visited our twin great-grandbabies and I took a photo of sixth month old Jaxon’s small hand placed on my husband’s hand. The contrast clearly showed how dependent little ones are on us adults.

  16. What delightful shoes 👠 Want them . Reminds me of my first platforms in the seventies, black with a bright red hearts on the side …l loved them.
    I’ve had a sound bath in a teepee on a chilly summer evening . I’d Forgotten my blanket and I was freezing . I really didn’t like the the experience at all , I felt weird when I got home but it was probably because I was so cold .

  17. My latest is a small piece of soap with a plastic spider inside. It looks like amber, and it was made by Lydia in pre-school. I will be sad to see the spider emerge and the soap disappear, but I enjoy being reminded of love several times a day. By a spider!

  18. Sitting in our basement for the past 9 months since acquisition is our Emerald City THE WIZARD OF OZ pinball machine. Those slippers would be perfect housed in a plastic case that might serve best as the machine’s topper! 🙂

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