Joie de Vivre

Rather than make New Year’s resolutions, each year I select a single word to focus on in the upcoming year. In 2019 I’ve selected a brief phrase—Joie de Vivre! Joy of Life!

At not quite three months old, this brief video clip captures one of our granddaughter’s first laughs. Luna’s expression of joy is the epitome of Joie de Vivre!—Joy of Life!

JOIE DE VIVRE—A delight in being alive; an exuberant, keen, or buoyant enjoyment of life; an exultation of spirit.

JOIE DE VIVRE—A philosophy of life; a sentiment that involves one’s whole being.

Do you have a focus word this year?


86 thoughts on “Joie de Vivre

  1. Yes, Laurie. Achievement is my focus word this year. I have achieved some important things last year and this one will make no exception. I wish you a joyful 2019.

  2. Luna is exuberant with great muscle control at 3 months, a “noticer” too. And she talks with laughter!

    Yes, I have a word for the new year, to be revealed later this month. 😉

    • Marian — We do “tummy time” on our yoga mats with Luna to help build leg, arm, and neck strength. The smiles, laughter, and exuberance she comes by naturally 🙂

      I’m looking forward to you revealing your focus word.

  3. Laurie, such joy in a little laugh! Love that Luna! After the severe pruning my Life has undergone in the past year, my husband passed from this life to the next right before Christmas in 2018 and was buried in the Georgia National Cemetery yesterday. The word I would choose to focus on will be “Regrowth”, time to heal and then to regenerate.

  4. Well, I wasn’t going to assign a guidance word this year till I came across yours. Mind if we share? May your New Year live up to every bit of its focus! Reblogging to my sister site Timeless Wisdoms. 😚

  5. Isn’t that the most magical and joyful of moments? Luna Bleue is adorable! And yes, she looks so happy to be alive! It must have something to do with having a very loving and doting family. Best way to start the year.

    My catchphrase for this year is “Keep it simple” 😉💖

  6. Baby laughs are wonderful, and Luna is a beautiful baby. I have never adopted a word for the year before, but perhaps I’ll give it a try this year. First, I must find a word that seems right.

  7. Laurie
    Luna is so cute. Also, think that she looks a lot like you. Especially at the end when she turned her head, that had your look. Enjoy every minute. Grandchildren are so much more fun than our own babies. We had so much to learn & fast.
    My word this year will be “accepting”.
    Life has it’s own path & I have to be more accepting.

  8. Love Luna’s laugh. I have a 3 month old grandchild too: Edward Leo turned 3 months Dec. 22. He’s not been enjoying tummy time, at least when he was here for Christmas, but my daughter sent me a video yesterday with him talking to her and cooing while doing the time on a blanket with lots to look at. Maybe I’ll steal Lynn Miller’s and Shirley Showalter’s “jubilación”–Spanish for retirement. That’s my big R focus for this year. 🙂

    • Melodie — With your Edward Leo and my Luna Bleue, we’re at the same place on the grandmother timeline. Cheers to us!

      You can’t go wrong with jubilación for RETIREMENT. I love that approach!

  9. Happy New Year – Luna and baby laughter is so infectious Thank you for sharing.

    I have not settled on a word this year. Just reading and reading these days

  10. I choose the word: MEANINGFUL. After losing two daughters this past year I am reminded how precious each day is. I resolve to make each day meaningful in my words, actions, and deeds. Thank you Laurie for the suggestion of a focus word.

  11. What a precious little one. Enjoy this time, it really does pass by in the twinkling. Yes, I’ve chosen a focus word. I’m settling in to it and will reveal it soon in a post on my blog. Happy New Year, Laurie.

  12. There is nothing better than a baby’s laughter and smiles …Luna is beautiful…I don’t normally have a word for the year but this year and in the world, we live in I think my word will be” Peace” Happy New Year, Laurie 🙂 x

  13. Happy New Year, dear Laurie.
    Lunas smile is fantastic and it inspires me to take this as word for my year :”smile”.
    We need much more smiles and joy in our lives.
    🙂 ❤

  14. Dear Laurie, thank you for your post and the precious video of Luna smiling and laughing, your New Year’s greeting and 2019 word. I also find a new word for the year. However, since our family life has so tragically changed, I have not thought about a new word. Thank you for the smiles. Wishing you and yours a Healthy, Joyful, and Peaceful 2019!

  15. Happy New Year Laurie to you and your family – beautiful granddaughter. My focus word for 2019 is CHANGE, as it seems to have found me if any of the signs in the latter part of 2018 were any indication – everything from old appliances and the like having to be replaced – and in two cases kindly replaced by my son and a close friend, to a another close friend betraying me. So I am making many changes, including what is important to focus on, some unfinished business to take care of, try not to do too much each day, and write, write, write.

  16. Hello- My word of the year is ‘Clairvoyance’, as I’ve learned to always listen to myself without proof. I didn’t used to, and that caused me lots of trouble when I listened to others over my gut. But, kids on the other hand, are always a joy to behold. Especially, when they are old enough to open their Christmas presents!

  17. Perfect word for the year, and using Luna as a base, a winner! She’s just adorable, Lori. I am sure your joie de vivre will not only serve you well, but be infectious! 🙂

  18. I love your darling granddaughter. Enjoy her as much as you can as they don’t stay little for very long. I just spent two weeks with mine and they seem so grown up. I am working on my word or words for the year and will post soon. Happy New Year!!

  19. Apostar no positivo, tentar ver o lado bom das coisas. Sei que não vai ser fácil, mas vou me esforçar para ter pensamemntos positivos. Longe de mim o pessimismo!
    Feliz 2019, Laurie!

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