Bursting with Joy

Our first grandchild arrived last week, and our hearts are bursting with joy! This photograph is of our son holding his newborn daughter, Luna Bleue. 

Watching my child fall in love with his child… priceless. 

As a holistic health practitioner and doula, I’ve had the privilege of attending many births. It doesn’t matter how many times, or in what capacity I get to be part of the birth process, it never ceases to amaze me. 

When was the last time you fell in love?

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89 thoughts on “Bursting with Joy

  1. Awww…Luna is beautiful and I love her name. The photo is precious – your son’s tender loving gaze, one of complete awe and infactuation is incredible. Congratulations on your first gandchild, Laurie and to her parents too of course! hugs xx

  2. The miracle of life is the greatest of them all. I am sure we all share your joy and wish Luna Bleue a very happy, healthy and long life.
    I fall in love with Beano everyday: it’s just the way he looks at me and shakes his tail whenever I return, even if it’s only been a few minutes.
    Congratulations to you all one again.

  3. Congratulations!! So happy for all of you. The picture is precious. May this baby be blessed with much happiness and good health. Every baby is special and I fell in love with all 4 of my grandchildren and both great-grandchildren. Most recently I fell in love with, Dot my dog. xo

  4. Beautiful! Congratulations! What a wonderful gift! As grandparents, I’m sure you’ve fallen in love, too! Life’s an adventure and this beautiful little love is your next one. Enjoy every moment with her! What a blessing she is❤️

  5. Ah, gorgeous — both of ’em. My heartiest congrats to all!! Luna looks like she is dreaming about life — both serious and amused. 🙂

  6. The loop of life continues with this little bundle of “sugar and spice and all things nice.” I wish for all newborns the acceptance, provision, and love she will experience all of her life.

    As to your question: I fall in love with life everyday, lately family birthday parties and moments of discovery in my diary when Cliff and I first met. ((( )))

  7. I fell in love with my wife again on June 14, 2018, during our 4oth anniversary trip to Toronto (Anniversary is officially June 17). We were having lunch at Niagara-On-The-Lake Golf Club (the oldest golf course in North America, by the way) and she was sitting across the table from me, resting her chin on her hand, looking at me with just as much love in her eyes as she had when we first fell in love, and I realized how lucky I was to have found her out of the millions of other women I could have possibly ended up with. Even though she’s 40 years older, she is still the most beautiful woman in the world to me.


  8. Congratulations, being a grandma is part of the circle of life. I have so much love & joy formy grandchildren. I am so happy for you & Len. Such a sweet baby & gentle father.

  9. Laurie, I am soooooo happy for you! I have a similar picture of my son falling in love with his daughter and it is definitely priceless. The last time I fell in love was when granddaughter Katherine was born four years ago. And I’m sure I will be falling in love yet again when her little brother is born later this month. 🙂 Enjoy your grandparenthood!! Lovely little Luna Bleue…

  10. Laurie, I began to weep as I saw the photo of your son and his beautiful daughter! And I definitely recall the particular joy at the birth of my first grandchild! Life changing! Each subsequent birth is totally precious and affirming and that love can be expanded over and over, but the FIRST is just that–the first time you feel that particular joy. Congratulations and much happiness to all. My only grandson was born a year ago and watching my son hold that little boy, his first child, was love like you’re expressing. I think perhaps that is in part why your photo brought me to tears. It’s these bonds that matter to me and allow me to get out of myself much of the time. Blessings to you and your very special family.

  11. Priceless.. doesn’t compare to anything. So happy for you all. Beautiful family. Luna is amazingly perfect..So glad she has you in her life, and near.. You and Chris share something sacred now.. and this makes my heart happy. ❤

  12. Dear Laurie, Mazel Tov to you and Len and to the new parents! I was thrilled to read you post. I know you were eagerly awaiting Luna Bleue’s birth! Welcome to our Grand Grandparents’ Club! In Yiddish we would say you and Len are “Kvelling.” The translation is: Bursting with Joy and Love! I will be sending Luna Blue her “Princess Shayna” book when I send you your “No Bunk” book! The last time I “fell in love” was last night. We had been traveling and were missing our family. When we arrived our son’s home, our son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, and grandson welcomed us with loving hugs, kisses, and smiles! 🙂 I know you will enjoy every moment with Luana Bleue!

  13. So VERY happy for you! What a lucky mama/grandma you are! When is the last time I’ve fallen in love? Probably with my new acupuncturist yesterday. I’m not sure that counts as “in love” but her caring and loving and knowledgeable presence ignited my heart.

  14. Your son is clearly besotted 😉 I love her name it’s brand spanking new …yet..as ancient as time …beautiful.
    Last night I was in love with the sunset over Ogmore by sea ( I was visiting my sis) which equally is brand spanking new …yet as ancient as time .

  15. Congratulations to you and to Luna’s parents. Lately I’ve been falling in love with cacti as I learn more about their varieties. Though not new to this planet, having been around for 30 million years, they are a novelty to me.

    • Bespoke Traveler — Thank you. And good for you learning about cactus. We live in the “high desert” part of the Pacific Northwest and have some unusual varieties here. They’re gorgeous!

  16. Welcome, Laurie to the exclusive grandmother or nanny club…There is no feeling like having a grandchild enjoy every second with Luna …A beautiful name…Many congratulations to the proud parents and yourselves…Enjoy! 🙂 xxx

  17. Laurie, I’m wishing for you and Len all the many joys of Grandparenting, it’s a wonderful job! Everything you’ve heard about it is true, you get to have the best of both roles, having loads of fun with the baby….and then sending her home with a kiss and a hug. As I’ve heard from many grandparents – “Grandchildren are your reward for not killing your kids.”. Luna is a beautiful child and I still think she looks just like you!

  18. Congratulations to the newly baked parents and grandparents! What a beautiful moment captured in this picture! I have been blessed with two ‘grand girls’ and fell in love with both of them.

  19. First of all, congratulations. Such a gift. There is something or someone to fall in love with everyday: a grandchild’s smile, the red of sumac, raindrop rivulets racing down a car window, and all the beautiful things in our daily lives if we take the time to notice.

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