A View With a Room

Perhaps you’ve heard of or seen the movie, “A Room With A View,” but what Willa and I passed on our walk along the Greenbelt was definitely a view with a room. 

We were meandering along, enjoying all of nature’s sounds (me) and scents (Willa) when all of a sudden the beautiful circular window surrounded by pink blossoms caught my attention. 

click on the photo to enlarge

 “Look at me, just look at me, will you?!” it cries. We slowed down to take a look. Not just a cursory glance, but a real look.

Our view—from the outside, in—is lovely! From the inside, theirs has to be spectacular as they overlook the Boise River. To my way of thinking, it would make an excellent writer’s loft.

What comes to mind as you look at the circular window winking out from behind the fragrant pink blossoms?

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49 thoughts on “A View With a Room

  1. Nice turn on the phrase and a beautiful picture. I love homes/buildings with some playful architecture.

    I found something in common as I checked your about page: we’re both grown women who have a love for red licorice. What’s up with that, right? I dare not buy it. But my credit union has a candy box with just snack-size packs of licorice, with 2 half sized pieces in it. The candy box has a sign on it “Please take one only.” I guess the sign is for kids and me. That keeps me in check!

  2. I always wonder what the inside of the house is like. Do the people who keep their blinds open love the room as much as I do, with just one quick passing glance? The whole idea of a round window seems so darn creative to me. Yes, Laurie, this room most definitely has your name on it!

  3. My thought, what a creative individual to set these blooming plants in a circle around her circular window. The person living behind that window is a lover of nature, a unique individual. And, it is such a kindness to create beauty to share with passers by.

  4. I see an oasis of serenity, a quiet nook for reading, pondering, whatever fits the mood of the moment. Can you see that window framed by greens and berries in the winter – a large wreath?

  5. I’m pretty sure Alice in Wonderland fell down a round rabbit hole, so I see this as an entry into one’s imagination. With others, I agree the interior would be a writers’ heaven.

  6. Laurie, it puts me in mind of the reflection ponds we enjoyed at the Gibbs Botanical Gardens in N. Georgia. I learned so much about photography watching my friend Laura capture the reflections with her cameras and some of my best photos were made there. Your round window does the job of mirror very nicely!

  7. Views go both ways. I live in a house with an interior courtyard lots of windows to look inside at my partners paintings an home built furniture simplicity. And lots of looking into the braided trees, 100 bulbs (now finished) blooming and the fragrance of Daphany and Verbina. We had fuzzy baby birds fledging from a nest in the pansy bowl – off in the world now. It feels like a bit of safe paradise as I glance up from my reading or look into while enjoying my lunch. Surrounded in peace.

  8. I want it …please …pretty please . Oh yes a writer’s loft …perfect . Then I think 🤔 Heidi , have you ever read that book Laurie ? For some reason it’s that book that springs to mind . My Mum used to read me that book when I was a child ,and I’m convinced it was that very reason, I’m obsessed by books …thank you Mum and thank you Laurie ,that photo is mustard …I still want .

  9. What comes to mind is the “circle of life”. And how at that moment in time it was reflecting the most beautiful flowers. And another moment it might reflect a sadder view. And another moment a loving view. And continuing on and on…always reflecting something new.

  10. Hahahahahahaha I really do ADORE this post Laurie !!!!! And God how I LOVE that movie!! What do I see behind those pink blossoms? i see the faces of Maggie Smith and Helena Bonham Carter!! Really!!!!!

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