Book Fairies

Yesterday I took part in Hide a Book Day with Goodreads who’d teamed up with the Book Fairies (#ibelieveinbookfairies) and thousands of authors all around the globe to hide books for people to find, read, and leave for the next person.

After affixing the unique Book Fairies sticker, I bound mine with color-coordinated curling ribbon, then hid ten signed copies of Note to Self: A Seven-Step Path to Gratitude and Growth throughout Boise, Idaho. I opted for high foot-traffic locations such as the airport, the Towne Square mall, the capitol building, and several coffee shops in historic downtown.

If you’re an author, I hope you were able to participate. If you’re an avid reader, I hope you found a book left by a book fairy.

When was the last time you were touched by a bit of magic?


61 thoughts on “Book Fairies

  1. What a beautiful idea! I have come across books left at bus stops and sport centres. It is great to read them and then take them back for someone else to enjoy. Lucky the readers who found you copies! I am enjoying mine. 👍❤

  2. Very cool idea. Where did you get the Book Fairies sticker? I’ve noticed the portal into deeper involvement with Goodreads beyond posting reviews now and then, though I’ve heard rumors there is one, and your post here gives credence to those rumors.

    My moments of magic primarily come from nature, like seeing a painted bunting on the fence outside my breakfast nook window. These magical birds are a blessing. Few people see even one in a lifetime.

    • Sharon — I love the beautiful word picture of your painted bunting. Magic, indeed!

      The author emails I receive from Goodreads informed me of the Hide a Book day. I ordered the stickers through a link in that email. They arrived from the United Kingdom 🙂

    • After my postung my comment i realized I didn’t answer your question.
      Magic came to me as I woke this morning, took my first conscious breath & realized, ‘I am still alive.’

      That may sound simple & obvious but after surviving a suicide attempt, a serious accident and the loss of a loved one is realize now more then ever the simple things that can so easily be taken for granted.

      Thanks again, beetle

      • TomBeetleBailey — Thank you for posting this additional comment. “I am still alive” doesn’t sound simple or obvious at all. It’s a miracle every time it happens 🙂

  3. I see magic every morning when the ducks gather into their quacking circles on the lake and take off toward the east.

    Thank you for being such a good book fairy, Laurie. I’ve always believed in fairies, especially in human form!

  4. Lovely idea. I found a book in Paris also left by a kind soul. There are similar schemes available around, but love the magic touch and the packaging. When the sun came out after over a week of rain, it was magic.

    • Olga — Sunshine after a week of rain definitely falls in the magic category 🌦️

      And you’re absolutely right about book fairies being global; on Twitter I learned that they’re in Paris, Spain, Ireland, Canada, and many other geographic locations.

  5. I felt magic at my great-granddaughter’s third birthday party. Her little hands shook with excitement as she opened each gift. As adults we should be excited about the gifts of life, if we just take the time to notice.

  6. Opened the front door on Sunday just before 8:00 am, surprised to find 3 cranes across the road in a neighbors yard. Rushed for my camera and crept a bit closer this group, one seemed to be a juvenile. They walk so gracefully.
    It was a magical moment.

  7. Here in Toronto some people have small wooden boxes – like small mailboxes on stilts on their front lawns – but they contain books to pass along – the idea is to take a book and leave a book. One of my Beyond books – Beyond Blood – has found its way in one of these in my neighbourhood. But I didn’t put it there.

    Magic comes from my garden. Today it is the larger tomatoes are finally turning red.

    • Sharon — I love that you enjoy garden magic.

      In the U.S. we also have the little wooden box libraries on posts, they’re called LITTLE FREE LIBRARIES. In fact, I live within easy walking distance in-between two of them. How COOL that you discovered one of your own books in your neighborhood 🙂

  8. Laurie, as you well know, I am a firm believer in Fairies and in dimensions that aren’t immediately visible to the naked human eye. In my gardening work the Fairies are indispensable as tireless and cheerful workers, they are often busy in the pre-dawn hours, nourishing and encouraging the plants and flowers while I am still rolled in my blankets. I see new magic every morning when I step through the hills of shimmering artichokes all the way to the tiny succulents pushing their way through the sand to reach the Sun. We tend to leave small areas of wild brush and sage as habitat for small creatures, the chipmunks and squirrels, birds and of course, the Fairies. Book Fairies are more than welcome at our house!

    • Sandi — Having been to your home, and seen photos of your garden since that time, I know full well that garden fairies and gnomes have been hard at work both above and below ground. And we both know they wouldn’t lift a finger if they didn’t feel welcome.

      And voracious reader that you are, it goes without saying that you’re a fan of book fairies!

  9. You people make life so amazing, much more fun, learning oriented, relaxed and joyful!
    I want more of such people in my area 😀
    Well, glad you all have fun, exchange books & serve a network.

  10. What a great idea Laurie and I loved that you shared your books so generously too – in all the right places. I did find a book in my Kindle inbox, as a matter of fact three this week. They were all part of my contract with TLC Book Tours. Feels fabulous to get a package in the mail too. Book Fairies abound

  11. What a great idea, Laurie, though I usually stay away from Goodreads. If this is an annual event, I’ll be glad to join in next year. As for magic, hmmm. I’m with Sharon on that: most of my magic comes out of nature and last month I found a blue and green frog on the edge of my pond. Perhaps you’ve seen the photo in my recent FB album?

    • Janet — It IS an annul event so you’ll be able to join next year.

      I’m going to have to re-visit your page on Facebook to see if I can find the blue and green frog on the edge of your pond 🐸

  12. What a great idea. I am sure all the lucky folks who found your book were delighted. I was traveling so missed this opportunity. I hope they do it again. I am touched by magic all the time. I just had a magical time visiting family and friends in Canda while promoting my latest book.

  13. This is such a cool idea.
    Once, while on a ferry trip, I found a PD James mystery left behind by a fellow traveler. This book served as my introduction to her work and I was truly grateful to that generous reader.
    I’m sure your book will bring joy to those that find it, Laurie.

  14. Wonderful idea Laurie. There’s a site, where you can add labels and track how far you book gets shared, something I’m going to look into. 🙂

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