Zodiacally Speaking

Last year at about this same time here at Speaking from the Heart we wrapped up a 26-week series—Alphabetically Speaking—with a post titled Z is for Zodiac.

On the heels of that post I received numerous emails requesting that I take an up-close-and-personal look at each of the signs—individually. With that in mind, I’ll use the remaining weeks of 2011 to do just that.

This coming Tuesday I’ll launch a 12-post Zodiac series starting with Capricorn and ending with Sagittarius. And while I understand that the Zodiac isn’t everyone’s cuppa tea, sometimes it just fun to see how close they do match up to personalities—ourselves, friends, and family members—especially Zodiac sign compatibility.

Most people associate each Zodiac sign with a symbol—ram, fish, bull, etc. I, on the other hand, associate each sign with a color. With that in mind, the supporting photograph for each post will feature a specific color. 

Also, please know that when I write about gemstones that work well with each sign, it’s based on astrology and crystal therapy as opposed to what’s dictated by many jewelry stores.

Do you follow your horoscope?

By the way, this series introduction is a milestone—it’s my 250th WordPress post.

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
                — Laurie Buchanan

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41 thoughts on “Zodiacally Speaking

  1. Laurie, I am honored to be the first blogger to congratulatge you on your 250th blog post. Brava! I am delighted about your Zodiac series that you are going to share as an “up-close-and-personal look at each of the signs—individually.” I am eager to see your beautiful photographs for each post that will highlight a specific color, and learn how your well researched information relates to the Brain Color approach. People always ask me about the connection and now I will have intelligent information from you. “Thank you” for continually sharing your knowledge with a generous heart and mind.

  2. Hi Laurie! Congrats! Blogging is such great fun and you “meet” such wonderful people too! It’s also stimulating to put your ideas out there and see what others think.

    Can’t wait to see the series on the signs. I find astrology fascinating and have my chart done every year on my birthday. So yes, I’m a fan!

  3. Laurie – I can’t wait to read what you have to say about zodiac signs! While I’m a relative newcomer to your blog, I have enjoyed going back and reading many of your previous posts (including my numbers!). Each morning when I log into my mail, I get that little twinge of excitement when I see a new post from you!

  4. Oh this looks like fun….
    I do follow my horoscope and mostly it is just generally similar….but this week it has been too right on…

    What a neat idea….I will be around reading, though I may not be able to comment as much while I am on the road.

    I am giving quite a gift away on Nov 24,25,26 that I think many of your readers might want to get in the running for…it is just the nicest way I could think to say thank you to all my readers….It is beautiful – you have said so yourself!

    • Patricia – Have a wonderful time on your adventure. And please know that I fully understand people can’t always make a comment. I just read your movie review of “Temple Grandin” over at your place, Patricia’s Wisdom. I also enjoyed reading what our friend, Sam Juliano and his beautiful wife, Lucille, had to say.

      Readers – For those of you who’ve never visited Patricia’s website, she’s doing a give-away Nov 24, 25, and 26. Here’s a LINK for your convenience.

    • Kathy – I didn’t even realize it was the 250th post until I was reviewing it one last time before pressing the “publish” button this morning. That’s when I noticed (and went back in to add that little piece at the end). Yes ma’am, time is whippin’ by!

  5. Laurie! Has it been that long? Seems like last week we were running parties on over on the old Gaia network, whether anyone was at home on the post or not! I am not one bit surprised that Speaking From the Heart has been such a success, you can put more thought and information into a few short paragraphs than anybody I can think of. And all of it interesting!
    As for me and my horoscope, I still read 5 or 6 every morning, divide them by 8 and see what averages out. They may not tell me my future but they sure remind me of what not to do. For instance, don’t be a crab to your neighbors, and today is not the day to max out your plastic. Always good advice.

    • Sandi – Yes, oh yes, I certainly remember the over-the-back-fence chat fests we’d have with Gaia neighbors on the original platform. That was so FUN! It will be interesting to see how you do/don’t resinate with the Virgo information that I’ll post (Eoghan’s a Virgo, too)…

  6. Congratulations on reaching 250, Laurie — it has been a fun, informative, and enlightening journey. I am a Taurus (May 6) and find that I have a few of the qualities associated with the bull: passion, tenacity (aka stuborrness), physical strength. I am also loyal to a fault. I will be watching for that blog post.

    • Barbara – I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the posts thus far. I have a particular affinity with Taurus — I don’t know why, but I have yet to meet a single Taurean that I don’t like. We’ll see how much of the information I provide you resonate with 🙂

  7. Laurie, I salute you for achieving this wonderful blogging milestone at SPEAKING FROM THE HEART.

    I excitedly look forward to your horoscope revisitation, as this is an area I really know too little about. My wife Lucille is far more familiar with it though and takes great stock in many of its implications.

    On the movie scene I just thought I would urge here to see Alexander Payne’s THE DESCENDANTS with George Clooney. In every way, shape and form this is truly a SPEAKING FOR THE HEART movie, methinks.

    • Sam – With a family of seven, you’re sure to have a diverse population of Zodiac signs in your home. It will be fun to see how well (or not) the information fits. Thank you so much for recommending THE DESCENDANTS with George Clooney. I will see if the library has it. I just ordered (from the library) the 2011 film THE CONSPIRATOR. One of my clients said it’s amazing. Here’s what the description says:

      “Behind the story you’ve always heard about Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, comes the thrilling true story about the people accused of conspiring to take down a government. In the wake of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, seven men and one woman are arrested and charged with conspiring to kill the President, Vice President, and Secretary of State. The lone woman charged, Mary Surratt, owns a boarding house where John Wilkes Booth planned the simultaneous attacks.”

  8. Laurie: I absolutely LOVED “The Conspirator” and recommended it on a past diary. Sorry I didn’t specify THE DESCENDANTS. I saw it last night at the Union Square Cinemas in Manhattan. Advance word it that Clooney is sure the get a Best Actor nomination and the film is a major threat to win the Best Picture prize.

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  10. Hi Laurie

    Congrats on the 250th post – I have enjoyed reading them all.

    I’m with Sandi when it comes to horoscopes, they are so generalised, and we are all so complex, that any one can apply to any person.

    In terms of influence on our lives, it seems to me that for most people culture leads the billing, usually followed by genetics, then our own hero’s journey, and way down the list, if it exists at all, would be any influence of the zodiac.

    It seems to me, that the more time people spend engaged in their own hero’s journey, the more influence it, and their own contemplation of it, have upon themselves.

    So don’t expect many replies from me in the coming weeks.



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  12. Congratulations on 250 posts!
    We’re hoping to see “The Descendants” with family this weekend.
    Looking forward to your Zodiac series…

  13. Congratulations on this milestone and thank you for this series. I will have to wait awhile to see what it is I should see about me, for I am a Sagittarius. Till then, I will read about and ponder my colleagues……..

  14. Celebrating with you Laurie on an excellent and growing blog! You are doing fantastic and I am happy to be one of your regular readers! Yahoooooo!

    I sometimes follow my Zodiac sign but mostly for amusement rather than insight. Still, given the opportunity, I always look – I just have to!

    • Terrill – It’s always fun to know that you’re up there on your beautiful island reading my posts; likewise, I’m reading yours. And Zodiacally speaking, sometimes it’s just plain old fun 🙂

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