Z is for Zodiac

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By now you’ve noticed that the photographs I’ve used in this post don’t have anything to do with zodiac signs. However, I wanted to share pictures with you from the library-view I enjoyed while writing this post on December 18, 2010 in Encinitas, California (before the big rains started). For those of you who don’t know, I’m spending time with my dad during the holidays (Dec 16 – Jan 1). And by the way, at time of publishing this post, it appears that the weather has decided to behave itself – we haven’t had rain for 24-hours and things are beginning to dry up.

You’ve heard them all…
Are you lost? Because heaven’s a long way from here.
Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes.
Excuse me, but I think I dropped something—my jaw!
Hello, I’m a thief and I’m here to steal your heart.
If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together.

But quite possibly, the most popular pick-up line used for years was:

What’s your sign?

The time of your birth—the day and month during which you were born—determines the horoscope sign under which you fall. Astrology bears 12 horoscope signs that are derived from constellations in the sky. Your zodiac sign is based on the constellation in which the sun lies at the time of your birth. Simply click on the appropriate link below to read a description of your horoscope sign:

CAPRICORN   Dec 22 – Jan 19

AQUARIUS   Jan 20 – Feb 18

PISCES   Feb 19 – Mar 20

ARIES   Mar 21 – Apr 19

TAURUS   Apr 20 – May 20

GEMINI   May 21 – Jun 20

CANCER   Jun 21 – Jul 22

LEO   Jul 23 – Aug 22

VIRGO   Aug 23 – Sept 22

LIBRA   Sept 23 – Oct 22

SCORPIO   Oct 23 – Nov 21

SAGITTARIUS   Nov 22 – Dec 21

Born on September 28, I’m a Libra.

Hey baby, what’s your sign?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               – Laurie Buchanan


© 2010 Laurie Buchanan – All Rights Reserved

27 thoughts on “Z is for Zodiac

      • Ha yes I realize that now! As I sent the above message I recalled that on my 16th Birthday my father took me to a jewelry store to pick out a ring, for his father had done that with him, and I chose a Tiger’s Eye, something I was drawn to. I have had to replace the stone a few times, I am not sure where it is now.
        So my Leo knew what it wanted all along!


      • Jeff – What a neat tradition your father was passing along. My first pair of pierced earrings were Golden Tiger’s Eye. An excellent choice!

  1. What a wonderful person I am! I am a Taurus and I love the qualities that you found to post, Laurie. Quite a few of them ring very true and the others are a signal that I need to incorporate more of that quality into my life.

    The pictures of California are so clear and pretty. We have high winds and the possibility of snow for Christmas Day here in Maryland. Happy Christmas Eve!

  2. What’s my sign?
    Well, before today…actually until I read your description of my sign, I always prefixed my reply with, “I have Gemini rising, but I’m a…”
    In my mind, there was no possible way that I was a Scorpio. I didn’t possess any of the attributes assigned to my kind. That is, until I read your description.
    Now, after reading it, I feel like I’ve come home.
    Thank you

    • Leanne – I’m so glad this resonated with you! [p.s. I updated the blog roll :)]

      Readers – Leanne is the author of the soon-to-be-published thriller – The Sweater Curse. Please visit her BLOG.

  3. Merry Christmas Laurie and all

    It is Christmas morning here in New Zealand. Ailsa and I are up, and just waiting for Jewelia to wake.

    The Zodiac is an interesting way to finish.

    A set of symbols made from little points of light in the sky, that were seen by our distant ancestors to rotate around us every day, and shift during every year, and change with respect to the shortest and longest day on a cycle that takes some 26,000 years.

    How could they have guessed that we were living on a small planet, orbiting an average sort of a sun, orbiting an average sort of a galaxy (which is a collection of billions of suns), in an average sort of cluster of galaxies, in a universe with billions of galactic clusters.

    How could they have guessed that we are all made of the stuff of long ago exploded stars, that due to small fluctuations in the density of the massive stars that exploded long ago, collected in a region of space, and condensed into this sun and it’s planets.

    How could they have guessed that evolution by natural selection would act upon a group of replicating molecules called Ribonucleic Acids, and would, over about 4 billion years, eventually produce the huge diversity of life we see about us, including ourselves.

    How could they have guessed that this process would leave each of us human beings (whatever our race or creed) more than 99.5% genetically and chemically identical; with brains that have experiences that give rise to minds that are more than 90% the same; tuned to survive by noticing that which is different, and ignoring that which is the same.

    Thus the “differences” that we see in the descriptions of the zodiac signs are so broad, that if we are honest with ourselves, we could all see all aspects of all of them. Sure, some people favour one over another, at times, and we all have them all.

    As it is Christmas, I love to think on the story of Jesus.
    For me it goes something like this:
    A good young Jewish boy, he was raised in the traditions of his culture, yet some of the things he observed didn’t make sense to him. So he took some time out, and went into the desert, and noticed that he didn’t actually create the ideas in his mind, he simply observed them happen to him, and then he had a choice to act on them or not. Never having seen a computer, and not knowing anything of molecular biology or systems theory, or logic; he made sense of his observations by observing that “the creative spirit of god” is within every one of us.
    Amen to that Brother.

    He observed what many great observers of self have done throughout history that we all start with a sense of our own wrongness, and by bringing acceptance to all that is, and accepting that it cannot be any way other than what it is, we can gain both peace and freedom to create; and the source of that creativity is something deep and mysterious that resides in every one of us (he characterised this as God, for me it is the holographic nature of the storage and retrieval process used by the subconscious machinery of our minds).

    He observed that we are all far more alike than different; that we all make mistakes, and it doesn’t help any of us to be too judgmental of others “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

    He came back from his time alone, and spoke out openly against the accepted authority and wisdom of his day.
    He was a maverick, who for a time had no agreement from others, but gradually managed to get others to see some aspects of what he was saying, but few “got it” to the depth that he had “gotten it” – which was a once a source of anguish and hope to him.

    So yes – Merry Christmas all, and to all a happy New Year.

    A beautiful still, hot and cloudless morning here in Kaikoura – mid summer at its best. Just 7am and already in a T shirt.

    • Ted – I love the thoughts you shared on the story of Jesus here. It’s Christmas Day for you. Merry Christmas to you and yours! And a happy, Happy, HAPPY (JOYFUL!) New Year!

    • Thanks Sandi & Laurie
      Boxing day here now – cloudy and cool.
      My sister Pauline and her family will be here soon.
      Just time for me to get the lawns in order before they arrive.
      Waiting for others to wake and the hangovers to ease before I start the machinery (Mower, chainsaws and weedeater).

      • Merry Christmas, Ted! I know that for you and the people of the U.K. and outlying regions Boxing Day is a great tradition. For me and mine, Boxing Day involves gathering all the torn boxes, wrappings and what have you left over from Christmas, plus anything else that will burn and not be missed and have a big fire in the yard. Old bills, new bills, socks with no mate, empty chicken feed bags, it all goes up in glory. Maybe not tomorrow though, we are having the fist Christmas snow in Atlanta in 128 years. Yee-Haw!

      • Ted – I hope you and yours had a wonderful Boxing Day. Your line about waiting for other to wake and the hangovers to ease before you start the machinery made me laugh 🙂

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  6. Hey, Laurie, where’d you meet Len? In the 80’s under a glittering Disco-ball? I have to say that you have me pegged, except for one thing, shy I am not. That is my cousin JoAnn, who was born one day after me. Michael Jackson was born one day before! I’m a Virgo to the core, hypochondriac, picky, and all. In my case, instead of holding a sheaf of wheat, I am more apt to be holding a basket of peppers and tomatoes. I know you are a Libra, the only sign not signified by a living being.

    For all who follow your blog, I would like to wish the Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Year’s.

    • Sandi – Len and I got married (eloped on St. Patrick’s day) in 1980. We met on a bus full of college-aged kids heading to the local nursing homes to sing Christmas carols for the residents. By his haircut it was obvious to tell that he was a military man (Navy). And my folks had always warned me about those pesky (code word for frisky) military men…

      I love Virgos (Eoghan is a Virgo). And you’re absolutely right, you’re definitely more likely to be holding a basket of peppers and tomatoes, or fresh, warm eggs straight from the Chicken Ladies 🙂

  7. Wishing you and yours special holiday moments.
    Merry Christmas and more blessings from above.

    I belong to 2 different signs one in western and another in eastern charts[In india it is based on which star one is born on a given day.]These signs are called Rasis.It is a different ball game.you can find out more from websites and books.


  8. Laurie: I very much enjoyed the anecdote there of how and when you met Len! Well, I’m also a Virgo (August 26th) but I am having difficulty resigning myself to the typical traits. I’m more scattered, and don’t always used common sense, often being driven by compulsions and emotion. Obsessiveness may be part of the Virgo equation too though, so there’s probably a way to connect the dots here.

    Loved the California pictures (I seem to have failed to pick up whether you are still out in Encinitas, or are back in Crystal Lake with Len. Weather forecasts here in the northern New Jersey, NYC area are now saying there is a real chance we may be getting 18 incles or so of snow Sunday night into Monday. I’m not sure what that portends for you guys out there!

    A very Happy Christmas Day to you and yours Lauries, and I commend you on a wonderful capstone to this great project that will forever be a point of reference.

    • Sam – It’s Christmas morning, and with five children I can just imagine the exuberant energy in your household today! There’s many facets to each of the zodiac signs. With what you shared, it sounds like you and my son share the same Virgo facets.

      Yep, I’m still here in Encinitas, California with my dad. I fly back home on January 1st. My dad is a news fan so I’m seeing more television during this visit than I have in decades. I can see that you’ve got some big-time snow heading your way. I hope that you and yours enjoy it – do you sled, toboggin, or ice skate?

      Happy Holidays to You and Yours, and a Joy-Filled New Year!

  9. Hello, Laurie, what a lovely wrap-up to our alphabet! I am supposedly a Cancer, but have never really identified with that Zodiac tag too much. (However, reading your link…it seemed more likely than some of past ones I’ve read). I like the Native American perspective that we start out in a certain direction on the wheel (like a Cancer) and then travel around the circle to gain wisdom and teachings from all the directions. Thank you so much for this A-Z of the circle of life!

    • Kathy – I, too, enjoy that Native American perspective. It makes a lot of sense to me. I think it’s quite possible we come back to this banquet to feast on different “flavors” over and over and over until we’ve had the opportunity to try them all and our energy becomes balanced and well-rounded from a myriad of experiences, both challenging and otherwise.

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