My Bar Room Brawl Look

My bar room brawl look

Yesterday morning at 8:30 I was in the final throes of getting ready for work. Most everything I do is backed with a great deal of energy—including brushing my teeth. I’d just spent a good 5 minutes gargling and leaned forward enthusiastically over the sink to spit when WHAP! I slammed my head into the shelf on our medicine cabinet.

My glasses went flying, I’m surprised they didn’t break. The impact made my knees buckle, which slumped me to the floor, clunking my chin on the basin counter on the way down. Tears sprang from my eyes as a natural reflex. Len heard the THUNK! followed by the fall, and came running.

“What happened?!” he shouted.

“I just knocked myself silly.”

“Your forehead’s bleeding and it’s starting to swell.”

While applying Neosporin it occured to me… “Get the camera, quick!”

“Why?” he asked.

“This is tomorrow’s blog,” I said with a grin.

I’d just been writing a piece about chronos time and kairos time as it relates to memory and was so caught up in it that I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing and nearly knocked myself out.

The moral of the story? Be mindful. There’s a Zen proverb that says:
When walking, walk. When eating, eat.”


22 thoughts on “My Bar Room Brawl Look

  1. Lordy, I don’t know why I am laughing, but you know I am…. That sounds like a Sandi mishap, you know, like bending over to tie a shoe, fall off the chair and have a concussion. Lau, rie, my heart goes out to you, I hope your brains were not too rattled or your teeth chipped. Take care, really, take good care of yourself and be mindful.

    • Kim – I’m glad you didn’t have to bail me out of jail this morning, either! I use Listerine — the original gold formula. I think it’s waaaaaaay too nasty to drink.

  2. I’m so sorry Laurie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve had hat lesson in my life, I’m afraid more than once, but pay more attention now! I’m so sorry again. Love, Mona XXXXXOOOOO

    • Mona – No worries. I’m safe and sound at home in my comfortable chair. I considered wearing my bike helmet, but decided against it. Funny thing is, we’ve had that same exact medicine cabinet/shelf for 16 years and I’ve never even come close before …

  3. Oh dear Laurie what a whack that was! And you thinking of your blog… now that’s a committed blogger for you:)))) Yes being mindful is good… unless you want to knock yourself silly. What a lesson.

    • Terrill – We were just talking about “doozies” the other day. This is a prime example. Speaking of doozies of a completely different nature, your art exhibit, SEA LAND and TIME is just around the corner on September 3rd — whoohoo! You’ve got to be excited as all get out. I’m excited for you!

    • RoamerThat’s a great perspective, I like it! I initially put Neosporin on it, but since then I’ve been using Traumeel — a topical homeopathic medication (that also comes in tablet form). It’s great for muscular pain, inflammation, sports injuries, and bruising. I’ve also been doing Reiki and Vibrational Therapy. I’m definitely on the mend 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, I sure appreciate it.

  4. Geez, that was a dead-on hit there. But thankfully you have recovered and are laughing about it. Aye on that final proverb, we can’t really get ahead of ourselves. I seem to always cramp my toes with similar mishaps.

    Hang in there my friend.

  5. Dr. Seuss: You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.

    May tomorrow be the direction of spitting the toothpaste a little less close to the cabinet! Good night.

  6. Oh Laurie! Look what you’ve gone and done! And look how mindful you were to remember the blog! Hope you are doing better today and that perhaps the bar room brawl look has faded and doesn’t hurt… I have broken two glasses in the kitchen while canning lately. Same message. Be more mindful! Don’t you love these little “wake up calls”?

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  8. Laurie, I am not going to even begin to admit all of the self-inflicted injuries I have endured — all I could think of was what I had to resort to in order to get my own attention. One year I even set my thumb on fire with a sparker . . .

    • Barbara – You set your thumb on fire with a sparker?! Yowza … that’s a tough row to hoe, and I’m sorry for it. Except — you have blossomed into oneheckofa terrific person, and I’m so glad for that!

  9. Hi Laurie,

    I love this! I was thumbing thru emails (thumbing??) and came across your Sept newsletter with a link to your blog. I’m glad you are okay…and what’s funny is: I just filled my plate with cauliflower, green beans, and carrots freshly steamed and sat at my computer to read your blog. So, now that I read your Zen proverb, I will be mindful and eat my dinner, then return to read more!

    • Well hello there, Terri — I’m so glad you popped into class. It’s a lovely surprise to have you here! Your dinner sounds heavenly. Len’s at yoga (at HolEssence) so I made myself a tomato, cucumber, and red onion salad with lime-infused olive oil and pomegranate balsamic vinegar — it was delicious!

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