HeartLight by Len Buchanan

HeartLight by Len Buchanan

HeartLight is the term I use when I refer to the practice of holding heart-based intent — Light, Divine Love, Sacred Space — for myself or others. Weaving together aspects of stillness, Reiki, and the Tibetan Buddhist practice of Tonglen, HeartLight can be used individually or collectively; locally or globally.

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11 thoughts on “HeartLight

  1. Laurie your ability to hold heartlight for others is divine and inspirational. Though we have never met in physical face-to-face time, I always feel as if you are right next door. If I sit out on the stoop and wave… I can imagine you waving back. I appreciate the Tongden link. Best of today to you. Terrill

  2. You hold heart-light in such a beautiful way, Laurie. Wonderful to hear that you’ve started a new blog. It will be a gift to connect with you here. You are widening the circle of light that you share with the world.

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  8. It’s fun to go back to your earlier posts to see how your audience and your messages developed over time. You are an excellent role model. Heartlight for YOU!

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