Illustrated Maps

Since childhood, I’ve adored books that contain illustrated maps. So I’m particularly excited to share that starting with Impervious (book three), the Sean McPherson novels will include the following illustrated maps in the front matter:

The first map is a zoomed-out view of Pines & Quill Writing Retreat (the primary location) as it relates to the surrounding area in Washington state: Bellingham Bay, Fairhaven Historic District in Bellingham, etc.

The second map is a zoomed-in view of Pines & Quill—the cottages, main house, workshop, tai chi pavilion, etc.

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4 thoughts on “Illustrated Maps

  1. Love the map, Laurie and have told my sister who lives in Bellingham about this for her men-and-women book group! I adore maps in books and will print this to re-read the first 2 of yours!

    Couldn’t comment on blog–have to log into something and not doing it …

    Onward, Kay

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