King of the Hill

Walking out the door one morning, I heard a chorus of cooing. Looking around, I located the source of the birdsong on the roof of the neighboring house. A trio of birds was amicably roosting. One of them was clearly the king—or queen, as the case may be.

It brought to mind playing “King of the Hill” when I was growing up. A group of neighborhood friends would find a mound or hill, and whoever got to the top first would try to maintain their position—unfortunately, by pushing opponents back down.

As an adult, my only “opponent” is me. I compete against myself. Sometimes I’m “queen of the hill,” other times I’m in a slipped-down position, waiting for the right moment to recapture the hill.

If you were playing king/queen of the hill, what’s your current position?


30 thoughts on “King of the Hill

  1. Hi Laurie,

    I try and not do King of the Hill at any level.

    These days I am more about finding ways that we can all enjoy where we are, and all have reasonable influence over where we go.

  2. What a thoughtful post, inspired by birds cooing and roosting.
    As children, we had a set of long branched trees. I may have mentioned them before. We called them daddy and mommy long legs; named by a creative thinking brother. The metaphor that comes to mind is that of climbing the corporate ladder.
    While I was never an ardent climber, it was/is a promoted model. My choice was/is both advocacy and service. The vertical part of my journey is focused on going deeper with the support of my higher self and even higher sources of spiritual (in a nonreligious way) energy and growing in presence within.

  3. If memory serves, the people who weren’t King of the Castle were “dirty rascals.” Quite a hold-over from history. When we played that game as a child (it was always a pile of snow) we had a queen as our head of state – she’s still the queen now. Why we didn’t think to say Queen of the Castle? Good question!
    As for where I’m at, it depends which hill on which day. Sometimes I am the queen, and sometimes I am, most definitely, the dirty rascal. Both feel okay and appropriate. Sometimes the dirty rascals have way more fun than the queen.

  4. Lately, I feel like I’m about ten feet below the ground and the top of that hill is far from sight. I’ve been busy, so I’ve had to focus on other issues. This will change and I will attack that hilltop again one day.

  5. I think the most aggressive game I ever played was dodge ball. King of the hill? I love the spot at the very top of my property where I can catch a glimpse of a number of mountain tops and valleys. It’s a good feeling, up there. Come and join me.

  6. I’m definitely a “rascal”, that classic term Arlene mentioned, but I do admire those who are Queens of their respective hills like you are, Laurie. However, you don’t get to the top by pushing the competition down the hill, I’ve noticed, but by creating community. A true Queen.

  7. Over here in the U.K we used to sing 🎶 ‘ I’m the king of the castle and you’re the dirty rascal’ 🎶 well why not we are British you know have a castle on every corner 😁
    The only king in our house is Arthur our King Charles , we know our position you know 🤣

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