Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the art of harmonious living. It involves the intentional placement of items to direct the circulation and flow of energy in a space. The desired outcome is unique by individual. For instance,  some people want to create balance and harmony, while others wish to boost their productivity, attract wealth, heighten creativity, advance their career, enhance good luck, and so on.

According to Feng Shui principles, the broom symbolizes insight and wisdom and is believed to have the power to sweep away negative energy, worry, and trouble. This ancient Chinese art counsels that the broom be hung by the door, symbolically sweeping out energy that no longer serves us well, making room for positive energy, abundance, and prosperity.

At our home, we use our brooms daily; they aren’t just for looks. They also serve as a visible reminder of our intent to maintain a positive, respectful, and healthy emotional environment in our space. 

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Do you incorporate any Feng Shui principles in your home?

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43 thoughts on “Feng Shui

  1. Lots! I use chimes and crystals to “waken” stagnant areas, and use hanging plants to take the sting from “poison arrows” in my old house. I have a curtain hanging at the bottom of the stairs to keep the energy from rushing upward when the door is opened (it also serves to keep the heat downstairs when those upper rooms are not in use). Mirrors placed strategically through the house help to create a good flow. I pay attention to the areas of the home that can enhance career, family, money prospects, etc. It’s a fascinating study!

  2. I know this probably isn’t the technical meaning/definition of Feng Shui but I deep cleaned our master bedroom last Friday; while it wasn’t a huge mess, little things had piled up and definitely created a feeling of “unorganized.” Now when I walk into the room, the things I have moved, put away, given away, or straightened (along with removal of deep dust on books and things) give me a much better feeling of order and serenity. I think that’s what this art is all about as well. 🙂

  3. If Feng Shui means the art of harmonious living, harmony has now been restored after Carebear found my Fitbit, misplaced in the guest bathroom, instead of in its rightful place close to the charger. Ah!

  4. We don’t practice Feng Shui intentionally, but I think our house has an overall positive vibe. Although I’ve never been 100% happy with how my wife has laid out our family room furniture. 😦 It’s too TV-focused. I feel the seating should center around the fireplace. But . . . whatcha gonna do?


  5. I went through a feng shui phase with my chincoteague log house. I even painted the floor of the rear left corner purple, to encourage wealth. I do think increasing awareness of our intention — knowing what we want— helps to bring it about. Unfortunately, my purple floor was not enough for chincoteague; we had to foreclose a few years ago. I too need a new broom.

  6. I don’t consciously practice Feng Shui, although it is something I’ve thought about occasionally – and something I often think I’d like to know more about but don’t take action that direction. My last house had stairs that led directly to the downstairs bathroom, which was right next to the front door. That always bothered me a bit. I like the feel of this house – does that count?

  7. I took a class with my sister offered at the community center once, decades ago, but I still remember some of the principles of balancing elements of wood, fire, water, stone, and materials? It was also important the the chi could move through your spaces without restraint! We played with it in our homes and I’m still intrigued. Thanks for the post!

  8. Once a year my book group comes to my house for dinner and discussion. There is usually someone who says, ” your house is so ZEN” then other’s agree. I enjoy this idea very much. I sweep daily. I do not care for things that need to be dusted. I have a small group of special books or review books coming up…the rest are given to the Library sale or shared with others. Simplicity and calm. I did not have TV for 35 years, but that changed when I severed the nerve in my spine, I needed to bring the world in Good thoughts to include in my day found here.

    • Patricia — We have much in common. If it’s not on my Kindle, then I, too, donate my books when I finish reading them. I sweep daily. And I don’t have things that need dusting. Cheers to simplicity and calm 🙂

  9. Laurie, I know you have some pretty outstanding brooms and not just the ones you housekeep with. I have a brom on the front porch, one on the back porch, one in the pantry and the one leaning up against the refrigerator. It’s a wonder they don’t get more exercise, you always have such a good feeling once you are done sweeping and can see the results. Maybe the motion and intention of the sweeping itself throws the negative feelings right out of you, and leaves you feeling balanced and better. What’s to lose? You have a clean floor!

  10. I love the symbolism tied to the broom, Laurie. I have multiple water features in my garden and near the house that add to the tranquility and I think are part of keeping a good flow of energy. I’ve added several stands of bamboo inside and out and I look for ways to incorporate other possibilities when I can. I don’t know that I really know a to about feng shui but I do value harmony and peaceful energy! I think I’d like to find a broom now! Yours is beautiful!

  11. I have read loads of books on feng shui and I love the concept but practising it , I don’t think so . My boom is in constant use, with my now one year old King Charles , Arthur , who is always chewing up sticks and any dirty manky he can get his paws on .

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