Yes, please!

One of our favorite places to camp is along the river near the mountain-town of Garden Valley, Idaho. 

Before it gets dark, we find two long sticks, then using a Swiss Army knife, we whittle the ends into perfect points for piercing marshmallows.

After dark, we build a campfire, get out the marshmallows, Hershey’s chocolate bars, and Keebler graham crackers — because there’s nothing better than elf-made food.

Ooey and gooey, s’mores are delicious fun!

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What do you want s’more of?


36 thoughts on “Yes, please!

  1. Laurie, do hear the pattern of feet as we all race to join you at your campfire sweet feast?! 😀 Oh, my guilty pleasure are the salt sweets I buy when I’m in Sweden (luckily they don’t exist in the U.K.). Buying from the pick and mix I now ration myself to just a few, safe in the knowledge that no one else will snag some (no one else in my family likes them!). Happy Treat Time! Xx

  2. What delightful memories you’ve brought me of my grandchildren roasting their marshmallows over out backyard campfire. These days, I keep a stash of (dark) chocolate covered cashews hidden in my china cabinet. Shhh, please don’t tell anyone, Laurie.

  3. Thanks for evoking delicious memories. Nowadays I want to get in shape, so I’m swearing off sugary delights. I’ll keep the chocolate though.

    What do I want s’more of? A chance to meet my readers in the flesh come September. Book sales would be nice too!

  4. Love smores! I recently came across a tip on how to enjoy smores at home! Just line a rimmed pan with parchment paper, place marshmallows on the pan, place under the broiler (low) for 30-45 seconds. Hurrah for smores! 2nd best way to have them (think a snowy winter night).

    What I want s’more of, time with family especially great-nieces and nephews. A recent trip to the county fair to see my 7 to 9 yr old g-niece and 2 g-nephews show their small beef and dairy calves with their little cousin and families was pure joy!!!

  5. I want s’more hugs from grandchildren before the summer ends. Next week we will go stay at Owen and Julia’s house while their parents fly away to Hawaii. We have them the last week before they go back to school. Maybe we’ll make s’mores in the back yard!

  6. wanting more kindness in the world and better communication skills. Used to love s’mores but not any more – marshmallows are corn syrup and I have been off corn of any kind since I was 5!

    Thank you for the tweet! I am traveling for my birthday right now and my phone is now not doing twitter again. oh dear! will fix it when I get home..

  7. Laurie, it’ll soon be that time of year when burning leaves and the other detritus of Summer will cause us to spend longer evenings watching the Sunset through the lazy smoke. Elf-food always tastes better seasoned with a little hickory smoke!

  8. I love the term Elf Food it really makes me smile but I’m only a British, I know nothing of these delights . I never crave sweet , I crave savoury…crisps , Jacket potatoes lots of butter , scratchings , salted nuts , English cheddar , cheese biscuits mmmmm ! That’s my bag .👍

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