Around or Through?

To make hard tasks easy, mountains molehills, and challenges simple, we can opt for one of two viable paths:

  1. We can be still and wait for guidance (go around).
  2. We can roll up our sleeves and get busy doing what we can, with what we’ve got, from where we are (go through).

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Are you more of a go around or go through type of person?

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77 thoughts on “Around or Through?

  1. Definitely “go through” person, but in difficult times secretly wish to “go around”. It seems to me that going around can sometimes takes longer and going through requires more immediate thought, decisions and ACTION usually presenting CHALLENGES. During my classroom days, one of the favorite toddler books was, “We’re Going on A Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury – the message stuck quite well.

  2. If I don’t know much about a topic or how to solve a situation I might try the go around option first, but I’m not very patient and will usually go for the go through option as soon as I can (I’d rather discover that something doesn’t work or it didn’t work for me than keep wondering for ever or waiting). Thanks, Laurie.

  3. Both. Most times I’m a “roll up the sleeves and go through” kind of person, but sometimes I’m so busy doing that with one thing, that another thing happening on the side gets the “go around.”

  4. I’m a go through person for the most part. Whenever I try the go around approach, it doesn’t usually work. I need to be active and feel I am doing something tward the final goal. Sometimes I probably should have gone around!

  5. I’m usually a “go through” person; however, when I feel as if I’m in over my head I am definitely a “go around” person! Thanks so much for these perspectives, Laurie! It certainly gives one pause for thought and I appreciate it! Cher xo

  6. Definitely a go-through kinda gal. I like to assess the situation, break it into sound bites and get it done. Waiting for guidance would be agony for me. The ‘guidance’ usually turns into so much more talk and indecision…and we could have had this thing done already, people!

  7. Your photo suggests two viable ways. I’m both depending on the situation: Arlene and Sea Angel took the words right out of my mouth.

    You go to the head of the class for provocative questions, Laurie! 🙂

  8. Ha! What a good question! I would say that to a large degree, my faith in my Faith has gotten me to the other side of the “mountain” more times than I can count, without what I would call visible transportation. Just your everyday miracles that come sliding into Home plate milliseconds before the ball smacks into the glove. However, there are certain other situations that can only be muscled through, pick and shovel work, breaking down that mountain into chunks to be carted out of the way. Like the ceiling-high mountain of boxes in my “other room”, that threatens to avalanche any day now. No amount of staring at it has miracled it away, time to get physical.

    • Sandi — I loved reading your response because BOTH ways (around and through) are viable.

      I think you should close the door on the “other room” and do a bit more pondering. Maybe the miracle just needs a bit more time to simmer on the back burner and one day, when you open the door, all of the boxes will have emptied themselves into the appropriate places. I’d hold out (that the “slacker dudette” in me talking) 🙂

  9. Mostly go through, but it depends on the problem and the possible solutions. Sometimes the best course of action is to wait for more information, or for the situation to resolve itself or offer a better solution. Maybe “Go with the Flow,” is another option. 🙂


    • Chris — I don’t usually go with the flow. Nor do I go against it. I tend to create my own.

      Much like you recently did with getting a brand spanking new (drop-dead gorgeous) new cover for your first book — CASTLE DANGER.

  10. I’m a go-through kind of person – unless it’s something I really don’t care about, then I’ll just ignore it. If it’s something I want done then I think it through and charge ahead.

  11. It depends upon the situation. I am usually a very proactive person, but there are times when I feel things are better left alone until some guidance comes my way. And it always does come and I happy I waited!

  12. I have always been a “go through it” person. That is my Yellow Determined Brain Color personality!

  13. Laurie, if you saw me out in my yard you would realize I do both…I move…I pray…I pray I move…always moving, but always praying too, more so even since I am over 60 now. It’s possible people who see me in the yard think I’m a little eccentric and wonder why I’m talking to myself.

  14. Respected Dr Laurie, I believe I am a ‘go through’ person, while others keep dumb and still, I find myself up and with a firm belief that ‘it can be it will be done, it is possible I will find one’ or if not take some alternative step’ and while my partner declares..’Oh dear I think I have fever’ and today is Sunday half the market is closed today, will go two days later, I will just go out and with the Gracious Lords help ..the job has been done mostly in fact 99%
    so many stories attached to this question..I will add that its the approach and attitude one has towards life and taking challenges and no ‘No for an answer

  15. I am so glad you enjoyed this short clip from my daily life…Alas its the bitter truth but God made all things bright and beautiful all creatures great and small…..

  16. As a pup, I always went through – no detours from what I wanted. Occasionally now, I will think about it and go around but I still favour through.

  17. Whoops! I’m definitely not a through person , so I suppose I must go around …when I’ve weathered the storm .

  18. I’m a “roll up the sleeves” kind of person but that shouldn’t imply that in some instances depending the situation I go into “Neville Chamberlain” mode.

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