Take Care

I can’t begin to express the excitement I felt when Certified Professional Coach, Sarah Jordan, invited me to be her guest to launch Season 4 of her wildly popular podcast series. This season’s focus is TAKE CARE.

  • If you’ve ever wondered what goes on inside the head of a transformational life coach…
  • If you’ve ever wondered what a coaching session might be like…
  • If you’ve ever wondered about the business of forgiveness…

…this podcast is for you.

In the first six minutes and forty-five seconds of this podcast, Sarah takes care of some necessary housekeeping with her regular listeners; then I jump in. She’s amazing, and I hope you’ll become part her tribe at sarahjordancpc.com.


Here’s a LINK to the podcast. Enjoy!

Do you believe that forgiving is condoning?

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46 thoughts on “Take Care

  1. It’s an important question you ask, Laurie. And no, I don’t believe forgiving is condoning. Forgiveness, to me, is a gift we give ourselves. It’s the path to relief from resentment and anger that may have been eating at us. I have found, it’s the path to final detachment.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to be a guest on my show, Laurie! I loved chatting with you and, most importantly, learning from you! I really enjoyed your book and am looking forward to the release of your new one!!! Until next time…


  3. Laurie, forgiving to me, is allowing yourself to let go and trust that what needs to be forgiven was essential for your Spiritual growth and healing.

  4. Enjoyed listening to your interview. I have long experienced your “cultivated wisdom” and feel blessed for it. In this interview you offered so much information for the listeners. Hopefully, they will go to Note to Self for more.
    I too believe that purpose is a choice. I chose Alice Koller’s quote for a bookmark I created for my first business venture. Koller writes, “But purposes aren’t blackberries waiting to be found: they’re brought into existence by human choices. So they depend upon a previous want, which shapes the path toward their fulfillment.”
    It’s up to us to embrace and choose our purpose in life.
    I value the way you fully live your purpose.

  5. Several years ago, I heard a song by Willie Nelson that had the lyrics “forgiving you is easy, forgetting takes a long long time” (no idea if that was the title) – which is in line with what Fatima said, and very much in tune with my experience in life. To your question – no I don’t believe forgiving is condoning, because I think the act in question will always be remembered in a negative way.

    • Carol — I’m going to have to try to find that Willie Nelson song on YouTube; thank you for the tip. And I agree with your sentiment, “…the act in question will always be remembered in a negative way”—at least that’s been my experience.

  6. Forgiveness means exchanging bitterness for freedom, “a gift we give ourselves,” says Janet. And I heartily agree.

    I enjoy listening to podcasts when I’m in the kitchen. Yesterday Brene Brown’s podcast kept me company. Today it’s YOU! Lucky me 🙂

  7. Hi Laurie,

    An interesting range of responses above.

    For me, forgiving has nothing to do with condoning, it is in a sense simply accepting that anyone can make mistakes – provided that the mistake is acknowledged as such, then forgiveness is entirely appropriate.

    Forgetting is something else entirely.
    Never forget.
    Always keep the information present.

    And there is a huge distinction between keeping information in storage, and allowing something to dominate one’s attention.
    Just develop the skills to give it a ranking of importance that might be at variance with our emotional default settings. And that takes a bit of practice.
    So I say never forget, always keep all information present to play a role in probability assessments.

    And if one is to be really powerful in life, then one must be able to be informed, but not dominated by, the older systems within us that give rise to our many levels of emotions, fears and intuitions.

    Conscious navigation of the boundaries of those systems will always be more art than science, and will always contain a certain personal flavour of who we are; and that seems open to infinite recursion through depths few contemplate or explore.

    And there are dangers in those depths, one can become lost, and one does need to take care.

  8. Hi Laurie, I just started listening to it. Great!. You are talking about colors are visible energies.. Green and its flipside colour red. Red kinda of made me hungry, BTW 😀 This is a beautiful podcast, I´ll keep on listening to it. Love & best wishes, dear Laurie

  9. Laurie, to condone is to be complicit, whether you had a hand in the misdeed or not. Forgiveness frees us to move forward and on with our lives. When we shackle ourselves with resentments and anger, we chain ourselves to the past we so want to leave behind us. Forgiveness is a gift to yourself, you have broken the bonds that hold you down, a lightness of the Spirit prevails and uplifts you. Forgiveness and Grace go hand in hand.

  10. I do forgive eventually and I really admire people that do ( my saint of a husband for one ) but it’s my pride that always stands in the way . I have to let the three year old inside me have a stamp and a strop and when she’s ready to forgive , I am😉

  11. Laurie, such wonderful comments on your post …given with feeling and thought! I feel I’ve learnt a lot from reading them, and your post. In no ways do I feel forgiveness is condoning, as someone said,forgetting is an issue!

    Congratulations on the podcast and I look forward to listening! Particularly after reading Aqui’s comment! Intriguing…

  12. I don’t believe forgiveness is saying that what’s wrong is okay. It’s not forgetting hurt feelings, rather, it’s an essential part of working through them. For me, forgiveness is extending grace. It’s unconditional, and even though it takes two to reconcile, it only takes one to forgive. It’s a gift we give to another that equally benefits ourselves.
    When we forgive, we give someone an endowment; we waive a penalty. And we give ourselves the gift of grudge-free living.
    Oh yes, then there is the issue of vengeance. The Lord says, “It’s mine,” and I believe that there is sufficient evidence throughout history that He is better at it than I. So, I don’t ever have to go there.

  13. Congratulations! In the podcast, what you say about intention versus attention and action resonated with me. Would you be open to writing a guest post at my blog about that? Hugs

    • Cecilia — I’m glad you enjoyed the interview; thank you for letting me know. I agree with your assessment, “…forgiveness is a part of our life as is breating. Essential and vital!”

  14. No, forgiveness is not condoning. To me it is the freedom from/letting go of the negative energy that holding on to something that disappointed/betrayed/angered us always entails.

  15. Hey! I need forgiveness lol I think I was ill way back in Jan/Feb (just a cold but it would – not – shift) and somehow along the way I totally lost the habit of blog commenting for a while… and now I’m back… Hope you’ve been well. 🙂

    With regard to your question, I think forgiveness is essential as there is nothing worse than holding onto anger and grudges. It only hurts you more.

    (The royal you, that is).

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