A Dog’s Life

While walking through a parking lot, I saw two dogs trying really hard to look casual: one in the driver’s seat; the other, a backseat passenger. I imagined their whispered conversation:

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Driver: You don’t think she sees us, do you?

Passenger: Nah.

Driver: It’s been a month. How ya doin’ with your New Year resolutions?

Passenger: Not good. You?

Driver: Me either, that’s why I fetched the truck keys.

Passenger: Where we goin’?

Driver: You know those drive-through windows our human gets bags of food from?

Passenger? Yeah.

Driver: I’m sick of the Dog Food Diet. No one will ever know we cheated. All our human does is pull up to the window, waits a minute, and then a bag of food gets handed out.

If you made them, how are you doing with your New Year resolutions?

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55 thoughts on “A Dog’s Life

  1. Laurie, I love this imagined conversation between the two dogs…the photo is great and the two look so serious and intent! Yikes, I can’t believe how fast the first month of the year has gone…this is the time that my New Years resolutions usually unravel and therefore stopped making any! Have a lovely week. 😀❤️

      • That sounds interesting, Laurie…I like the idea of focussing, so even if you find yourself unfocused it’s not a ‘failure’ and gives you opportunity to realign. I’ll ponder on a word…

  2. That is such a cute picture and I love their conversation. I´m glad January is almost over. Things are going well on my list. The house interior is being painted as we speak, I´m working on Amanda in Holland and we´re in the process of planning the trip to France. So far so good.

  3. I too love your creative thinking which does seem to emerge from your presence and observation skills. What a picture; I hope the dog friends have success at the drive through. I didn’t make true resolutions this year. And at the same time,, I do have evolving growth intentions in each of 4 quadrants Internal self (presence, meditation, beliefs); external self (doing and physical being; beliefs and values in action); environment (personal and nature-based); community/world (caring and activism). It’s not about achieving perfection in any arena. It’s about being aware of where I am and making small steps forward. To that end, I’m happy. I sense a shift underway. Hurrah!

  4. Ha, ha! I had some strange imaginary experiences myself once in the weeks following a stroke but have not had the nerve to share them yet. Your dog story may just be the inspiration I need. Thank you.

  5. Great new take on the “Driving Miss Daisy” theme. Now you’ve got me wondering what they’re going to order at Jack in the Box. I’m not big on resolutions, but always identify a few key intentions for the year. So far, so good….

  6. I can imagine Shasta being the driver, knowing full well she would head straight to something involving food. She seems to live to eat. Resolutions? No, quit that a few years ago because I was tired of being unhappy with myself for not keeping them. No point in manufacturing things to fail at.

  7. I made no resolutions this year nor did I pick a word. I am just focused on my health and food. I got some genetics answers that are helping having a bit of success. My tarot card for the year is The Devil so am exploring that. Just in one step at a time mode and keeping muscles relaxed.
    Patient with myself and not pushing the river. Sometimes wishing we had money for a trip to Europe or Italy. Rejoicing with friends who are traveling and being not covetous. This morning sunshine in a sea of rain, makes it easier.

    • Aquileana — I’m currently traveling for an author event and like you, every now and then I treat myself to something I wouldn’t normally eat. Yesterday I snorgled an eclair. Oh. My. Blessed. WORD! 🙂

  8. You are great with whimsy and with wisdom, Laurie. A winning combination. As for my resolutions, I didn’t make any, but I did choose a word: DESIRE. Right now I am writing a blog post about what I am learning from baby Lydia about desire.

  9. Laurie, we all know where the road paved with Good Intentions ends up…nowhere you want to be. I start every year with the best intentions and hold on to them as long as it works for me. I still do my Clean Food rewind. After the knoshing bacchanalia that comprises the holiday season, a couple of months of unprocessed food puts me in fair shape for the upcoming gardening season. Oh, and another intention, don’t plant a bigger garden than I need, I really don’t want to work that hard this year.

  10. Love those dogs 😂 how I love to imagine conversations of animals . There used to be a program I watched as a child called ‘Animal Magic ‘ with a chap called Jonnie Morris …do t know if you had it your side of the pond but you could probably get it on utube. He did just that , made up voices for animals , I was enchanted .
    Never make resolutions because I don’t keep them …just have a power word , mine is VISIBLE and at the mo it’s working .

  11. A few months ago I was doing and observation at a school and I saw a poster on the office wall. Simply put, it asked the question: “THINK before you speak. Is what you are going to say :
    I put the acronym on my phone right above my “TA-Da!” list, so I see it every day. Is it working? Well, if nothing else, I’m speaking fewer words these days.

  12. Oh my goodness this is so funny! I often wonder the same thing about dogs. What are they thinking? What are they talking about? This made me laugh. Thank you for sharing!

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