Pathway to Publication

YOU are cordially invited to join me April 12-15, 2018 in Madison, WI for the 29th Annual Writers’ Conference. I’m delighted to be a guest instructor at this incredible event!

Writers’ Institute is my tribe. This is where I learned the craft, and I can say in all honesty that Note to Self: A Seven-Step Path to Gratitude and Growth is published because I availed myself of the fantastic writing critique services offered here.

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BRING A FRIEND to Writers’ Institute this year, and if your friend has never attended a previous Writers’ Institute, you and your friend can each save $35 on your registration — that’s $290 instead of $325 for the full conference.

To receive this discount, you will need to register together. This exclusive, limited offer will only be available December 4th, 2017 through January 9th, 2018 and will end at midnight on January 9th, 2018. Please follow this LINK for details

Have you ever written a book or thought about writing one?


58 thoughts on “Pathway to Publication

  1. Boston is far from Wisconsin, but I will be there in spirit. You will be a FABULOUS guest instructor!! I have given local presentations on my published books – the two romantic suspense novels (Twin Desires and The Right Wrong Man) and on my children’s book, Birds of Paradise. I love answering questions about “How do I write and publish a book?” My answer? You find your passion, you spend hours/days/weeks/years writing it, and then you send it out to the world with love. xo

  2. I agree with the other comments posted here- Laurie, you are the ideal guest speaker and fabulous guest instructor, and we are so proud and thrilled that you’ll be a major part of our conference in April. So nice to see that some of your followers will be with us in spirit – and we hope some others will join us in Madison – as the director of the conference, I wanted to thank you for sharing this information.
    Laurie, you rock!

  3. How wonderful for you and how fortunate for those who will be benefitting from your instruction. Writing a book? Not for me. Reading a book? Now that is for me.

  4. Thank you for this invitation, Laurie. All I can say is, “Someday. Someday.”
    From 2006 to 2009 I published fiction and non-fiction as an indie author.
    In 2010, a publisher released my thriller.
    All of my books are out-of-print but I’ve written more and I dream of the right publisher picking me as their author.
    And I sing, “Let me in Coach. I’m ready to play, today.” : )
    Oh, how I love my author journey.

  5. Laurie, congratulations and Mazel Tov! Many years ago, I also enjoyed the Writer’s Institute. I believe I attended for 3 years in a row. I found the programs most beneficial and enjoyable! I will share the information with Sue Dobbe-Leahy for her new memoir. Please, let me know if you are coming back to the Crystal Lake area before or after the Institute. It would be grand to see you and share Blue Hugs!

  6. forwarded this on to my daughter who finished a young adult novel and her editing and is trying to get it edited and published now….good information sharing and you obviously know the ropes! Thank you

  7. Laurie, I’ve often thought I would like to write a book on gardening one day. I also thought I might go to Nepal and get frostbite on my toes. I am likely to do neither, writing a book takes more dedication than I have, especially when writing about plants. I am quite good at starting a story but then I tend to wander off and forget the ending. No market for that. I know from you that spinning a good yarn isn’t all there is to book publishing, it involves days, weeks and months of terribly hard work and persistence. So if you’ll write them, I’ll read them!

  8. I know you are an engaging speaker even if I hadn’t heard a short podcast-ette on Facebook recently. I’ll be at the Writers’ Institute in spirit and someday, I guarantee you, we’ll meet in person.

    Yes, I’m on a pathway to publication following in the steps of inspiring writers like you, Laurie.

  9. Is there a space for little-ol-me cos I’d like to meet you Laurie and Marian . Someday maybe👍
    I have been writing forever it seems . Yes I have one complete book and I’ve scribbled a memoir . I intend to seal it up and put it in scrapbook form then present it to my sister soon .
    I’ve had a couple of poems in print …but nothing to speak of.

  10. It would be a dream for me to be there Laurie. I know this is such a huge honor for you and one so richly earned and deserved what with a lightening fast second book coming up on the heals of your first! By George I will get around to publishing something I have been working on. Best wishes my great friend!

  11. Hmmm, well, I have written four textbooks. They are exegetical commentaries on the Greek text of Hebrews, 2nd Peter, James, and Revelation. They were published by the Oikos Institute for my students, so they are still in syllabus format. All the research is done, every grammatical function of every word identified, every dependant and independent clause sentence diagramed and the basic surrounding text is written. I have taught each of them many times over the years, so all they really need is a proper application of writer’s polish and a willing publisher. That’s all. LOL.

  12. I agree strongly with your comments about learning your craft at the annual Writer’s Institute. I have attended five conferences and each conference was a stepping stone to the publishing of my first book. I’m looking forward to the 2018 conference to answer my question: What comes next?

    • Sassy — I don’t know if the conference will be recorded, or not. But if it is, I’ll be sure to share it.

      And I’m one of Alternative Read’s biggest fans; wouldn’t miss a post! 🙂

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