The Winner!

The first person to type the accurate location of my sabbatical — Darby, Montana — into the comments section of March 28th post was bodojanbo. Congratulations! She has won a signed copy of Note to Self: A Seven-Step Path to Gratitude and Growth.

Wintering in Darby, Montana was a great experience. Not only was it breathtakingly gorgeous, it was productive. I completed what I set out to do—finish The Business of Being: Soul Purpose In and Out of the Workplace.

Often mistaken for an extrovert, I’m an introvert who functions as an extrovert. So this opportunity—three months of solitude—was like a decadent slice (or three) of crème brûlée.

Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?


71 thoughts on “The Winner!

  1. I was thinking about being an introvert or an extrovert the other day. I was considered shy as a child and was. I still prefer to observe but I think your definition would work for me. Due to circumstances, I think I’m also an introvert that functions as an extrovert. Congratulation on finishing your book and also congratulations to bodojanbo.

    • Olga — The other evening at a Nonfiction Authors Association meeting people were trying to “define” what an introvert and extrovert are. They concluded that an INTROVERT is someone who recharges their personal battery by being alone; an EXTROVERT is someone who recharges their battery in a social atmosphere with others. In my case, the INTROVERT definition works — I need to be by myself (solo) for my personal battery to recharge 🙂

  2. Congratulations to you both; to you, Laurie, for finishing your Business of Being book and to Bonojanbo for winning the competition.
    As for myself, introvert or extrovert? I am just confused!!!

  3. I believe there are times that one needs to be both, not at the same time of course. To know oneself one must go within, to experience oneself one must show up in action!

  4. I tested as an Introvert, which is true. I am prone to ‘sit and watch’ mode in a small group, but put me with a bunch of strangers and I am Ms Social Butterfly. Go figure.

  5. Congratulations to bodojanbo on winning a copy of Note to Self. I wonder if s/he got the atlas out to check those latitudes, as I did. 🙂

    I’m moving steadily toward the extrovert end of the spectrum as I age, but still register as an introvert. And function that way too. I love book readings and talking about my experiences, and meeting new people. Then I must take some time and hibernate for awhile. Balance; it still comes down to that, heh? Welcome back, Laurie.

  6. I was an extremely shy child, and still feel shy. Because I successfully work with the public, most people are surprised to hear that. I think it is not how you act, but more what you need. An extrovert might be out among people all day, and then want to go out into a social setting again at night. An introvert needs time alone. I call it “recovery time” and I cherish it. I know I couldn’t continue to have such a social job if I didn’t have time to just be alone. Congratulations on finishing your book!

  7. Congratulations Laurie! Well done! I am on the cusp of introvert extrovert and in my work life where I had to deal with the public or large groups of staff people generally thought of me as an extrovert. But left to my own I am happy and content by myself, just the trees, the sea and a few trails are great company. One of my children is a true extrovert. At the end of a crazy day she wants to go relax at a BBQ with twenty friends. I, on the other hand, choose a long hot bath, a cheese sandwich and a book, enjoying the quiet while everyone is out.

  8. Ahhh someday Montana is on my bucket list of places to spend a LOT of time!!

    I would never have thought of a way to describe myself and you put it perfectly into words “I’m an introvert who functions as an extrovert”. I much prefer being alone with my family and animals to being out in the world.

    Very happy your mission was accomplished and you were able to enjoy such a beautiful place full of peace! Tina

  9. Congratulations, Bodojanbo! I want to go there now. I’d say I’m just like you in regard to extrovert/ introvert. I, too, come across as very extroverted (and I do love interacting with people!), but I also like solitude and am never bored being alone. How could we write a book were it otherwise?

  10. I am an extroverted introvert. sort of like being a anorexic dyslexic… the pendulum swings —-I know I am empathic and I have great respect for those who “KNOW” and are true to their nature. Congrats to the Winner of your glorious book—what a brilliant person! Kudos bodojanbo

  11. Congratulations to bodojanbo on naming the location of your writing retreat! And, I’m so happy your time was so productive.
    I’m a strong “E” on the Myers-Briggs. I do gain energy from and enjoy being with others. However, being the oldest of a large family, I also came to value my private space and time. And, if I look at the “NT” (intuitive thinker) of my M-B type, my introvert aspect also needs the nurturing benefits of space and time alone.
    And, from Susan Cain’s book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, I’ve learned the value of introverted energy. Cain’s work has also been very useful to me in my coaching engagements with leaders with technical backgrounds. She also asserts, we all have some level of introvert energy within us. Contemporary research explains that introversion and extroversion are preferences for certain levels of stimulation. And, the key according to Cain is to, “find your sweet spot … the place where you’re optimally stimulated.” Anyone interested can check out Susan Cain’s Ted Talk on YouTube for more insights. [Sorry, my “T” made me insert the above.]

    • Audrey — I appreciate the information you shared here. Thank you.

      Thank you, too, for the book recommendation. I’m going to mark it on Goodreads as “Want to Read” so I don’t forget.

  12. Congratulations to Bodojanbo. I hope you enjoy reading Laurie’s book as much as I have and am.

    Although I usually enjoy mixing and mingling at parties and other events, like a true introvert I find being around other people draining.

  13. On the Myers-Briggs test, I straddle the boundary between intro- and extravert. While I enjoy the solitude of writing, I reach out for companionship often.

    Every Tuesday I learn from your post and from the comments. “Only connect” says E. M. Forster. I agree.

    • Marian — I love what you shared here:

      ONLY CONNECT the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted, and human love will be seen at its height. Live in fragments no longer.

      ONLY CONNECT, and the beast and the monk, robbed of the isolation that is life to either, will die.

  14. Congrats on enjoying your stay in Darby and for it being a productive one. The introvert/extrovert scale is a spectrum. I am definitely an introvert, but not necessarily shy. My guy on the other hand is a shy extrovert (as least as far as we’ve mapped him out on the spectrum of possibilities). That combo is a tough one to make peace with, but he’ll go out dancing alone and do things like strike up conversations with all kinds of people just to test his mettle. He’s done a lot of work on himself over the years and I admire his efforts.

  15. Congratulations to the winner!! And good for you for completing your book. Well done! I am definitely an extrovert as I need people around me to be energized. I seem to need people to talk to in order to get things done, including writing. Go figure.

  16. So glad it went well Laurie . I am an extrovert screaming to get out of an introvert . I often think what is the point of all that stuff inside if the outside don’t belive you can use what the inside has 🙃

  17. I would have never guessed Montana. It’s more of a summertime place for snow birds. Glad to know if was the perfect place to devote yourself to the work you wanted to accomplish.

  18. I thought I was an extrovert but I read the book Quiet and now know I am an introvert. I recharge with quiet time and I love your analogy of your solitude to creme brûlée. Indeed I find alone time delicious!

  19. Congrats to the winner – I find that amazing. No way I would have guessed Darby, Montana. But I WOULD have guessed that you’re like me (an introvert who functions as an extrovert). You described me perfectly. And yes, I can feel the decadence of that solitary time to be YOU, to write your passion, to listen to all the voices of nature around you. Wonderful.

  20. An introvert who can act extrovertish if need be. I stink at striking up conversations with strangers but have no trouble giving a speech or standing in front of a large crowd talking about something I’m passionate about. That’s why UWWI is good for me, I have to meet new people one-on-one.

    Congrats on finishing the mss. Must be a good feeling. 🙂

  21. Congrats on finishing your book Laurie. What a peaceful, beautiful experience you had to write a book. I think there are many of us writers who tend to seem like extraverts on the exterior, but keep reserved in others ways. 🙂

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