Sidekicks and Sidecars

After the Writers’ Institute last week, Len and I rented a car and drove to Crown Point, Indiana to visit with dear friends. Along the way we saw the following sight: a man with his companion animal in the sidecar of his motorcycle. It’s hard to see in the photograph, but that’s not a muzzle on his dog; it’s straps to hold on his goggles. I love it!

Traveling companions

We smiled, waved, and laughed, as did other people in the cars around us. Clearly this traveling duo enjoy each other’s company—immensely. It was a real “feed good” moment to witness.

Len and I travel together well. Sometimes—especially when he flies—I’m in his “sidecar.” Other times, he’s in mine. Regardless, we always have a wonderful time.

Who frequents your sidecar?


56 thoughts on “Sidekicks and Sidecars

  1. My hubby Don and I travel well together. Exploring and sharing the experiences brings us closer.
    He is happy in the sidecar. I am the driver. Our roles are clear in new territory! 😆

  2. Laurie,
    Now that would have been a sight! Loving compassion and humor!
    For about 15 years I had my two Golden Retrievers Riley and Muffin, who were constantly at my side, the where my live spirit companions keeping me grounded, sharing unconditional love, and most of all not to take things so damn serious.
    There is much alone time now yet Nature Spirit walks and guides my day when I keep myself open and will to receive.

  3. Cliff is usually my sidekick. On trips he’s the driver; I’m the navigator. In our studio/office, we balance each other too with desks on opposite sides more than 30 feet apart. No muzzles needed! Clever post.

  4. My sidekick today will be my friend Jan. Unexpectedly I invited her out for a birthday lunch today (it’s her big day). Talk about unexpected–I watched the invitation leave the mouth like the Universe was driving the car and I was just the sidekick!

  5. Fantastic! Most of the time I’m by myself, although every so often I manage to convince my mother to navigate… Although recently my Kindle has taken to telling me stories while I drive. 🙂

  6. Dennis, my husband, is in my “sidecar” most of the time. We LOVE road trips. He’s a farmer and notices and draws my attention to wildlife and other interesting sights along the way.

    When I am “working” as a tour director my “sidecar” is full of students and/or adults who have selected to travel for educational fun. On the motor coach, I am in the driver’s “sidecar” and we quickly become a “FUNctional team” to provide the safest, most enjoyable and pleasant experiences for our travelers, understanding that we are helping them to create lifelong memories.

  7. My sidecar is usually filled with one of my fine furry friends, Laurie. Over 17 years My last feline companion, Leo, and I traveled south west to north east and back again making many stops along the way. . . nothing like a sidekick with a tail to boost the adventure (in ways you cannot even imagine:)

  8. Bill and I often trade sidecar places and usually have wonderful travels. Now that I’m in my 70’s I’ve been thinking of getting one of those motor three-wheelers. I could put my dogs in a side car and we could go off traveling!!

  9. The last year I have been the sidecar Now I am starting to drive again and I travel mostly solo until I get more strength in my right leg and control. My husband and I did tandem cycling for a long time but now my bicycling days are over. He is going to do Route 66 from Chicago to California hopefully in September this year with his friend John Each on own bike and with all their tents and gear…I used to be the sag wagon but can’t do that either these days!

    • Patricia – Your husband and friend’s bicycle ride from Route 66 to Chicago sounds amazing. I’m sorry you won’t be able to join them, but I betcha a dollar to a donut you’ll have a great time reading and reviewing books while he’s gone 🙂

  10. I’m a solo traveler 99% of the time. I most enjoy it when my young nieces and nephews join me on some adventure. When that happens we live to sing together. Although they often laugh at my song selections.
    When I am about to drive into the city or start a long trip (like the 300 mike RT today),
    I invite the Angels to fly before, on the sides, and behind me and keep all those on the road safe. So pretty high quality company I’d say! [Like that movie, God is my Co-Pilot]
    On my way home today two Sandhill Cranes flew out of a field and barely missed the side of my car. Thankfully they flew away.
    So for a solo traveler things can get a bit crowded on occasion. LOL

    • Audrey — Holy Cannoli; 300 miles round trip just today? Yikes!

      Your nieces and nephews have got to love—simply love!—their aunt Audrey!

      I agree wholeheartedly, it doesn’t get much better than having angels as traveling companions!

      I’m so glad the Sandhill Cranes veered off before making contact with the side of your car. Whew! 🙂

  11. Hi Laurie

    Ailsa is my sidekick for long distance travel, though she has been doing more by herself than in my company recently, with 7 hours each way to visit her mum. I’ve been too committed here to go with her often – though I am planning doing the next trip with her.

    We tend to cover a few miles. Have probably done close to 200,000 miles together, on various trips. New Zealand is an Island nation, but it is a thousand miles from one end to the other, and try and get around both Islands once a year (visiting all our clients), and sometimes we miss a year. Then it is a 9 hour drive to our little farm, and 2.3 hours to the nearest city, which we can sometimes do several times a week. So it adds up over time.

    Ailsa just called me from the top of a mountain that is a 3 hour drive then a 4 hour hike to get to the top of – she went with our neighbour Bev, and will be back tomorrow night.

    If Ailsa isn’t with me, I often pick up hitch-hikers.

  12. That’s brill …I love those momentary clips of life don’t you .
    Oscar has to be my sidekick ( my King Charles Cav) I can’t think a of a better partner in crime 🐾🐾🐾

  13. For short and long trips, Dorothy and I travel we ll together, though she does like to keep a muzzle on me so I don’t get into trouble. 🙂 . We are actually heading up to Maine in the near future for a week of photography.

  14. FYI, I Gary, Indiana was not named for me. I take no pleasure in sharing my name with that place. Please tell me you didn’t stop anywhere and drove one through until you hit Crown Point? Obviously you didn’t because I’m currently getting my weekly fix of TUESDAY’S WITH LAURIE! My side car would have my daughter and Miss Madison alternating the copilot chair obviously :).

  15. Laurie, having been married this Monday, Dennis and I plan to leave for Savannah in the morning. It’s a 4 hour drive to the Coast, I’ll drive down and give Dennis a chance to soak up a little Low Country Scenery. He can drive back a few days later on the way home. We each get a chance to ride shotgun and offer our opinions on the other’s driving skills. while the driver, otherwise known as The Boss, controls the radio. Turn about is fair play!

  16. My dog Copper and currently also my son’s dog Copper (I call them #1 & #2) while they relocate. They are awesome sidekicks! My Copper & I have traveled many times to Arizona and back….perfect companion!

  17. These days my only sidecars are online. Now, I puff out my chest and with all my green medals proudly displayed, I spout, ‘In real life, outdoors…I walk everywhere. No car, no motor, no bike. Is that a benefit or a handicap?’ 🙂

  18. Indiana, eh Laurie? The eyes of the nation are on that state this week, at least from the Republican side, where two “characters” are vying for the win! On the other hand, I’m happy you made your case and exited Stage left. 🙂 Lucille is always at my side in companion mode!

  19. A few years ago I finally bought my dream car, a Z-06 Corvette convertible and there has only ever been one person to ride shotgun since I bought it. That would be my wife Sandi.

  20. When I drive the 7 hours from Boston to DE to visit my mom, my adult daughter is my sidekick. We laugh, because I like it coolish in the car (no more than 67 degrees) with no fan. She likes to kick up the heat to 75 degrees and the 4th setting of the car fan, which feels like a hurricane to me. We compromise and change it up every hour or so. At least we laugh about it….!!! What I like most is that we sing together and talk about everything on that trip down and back. xo

    • Pam – I’m grinning at the differing temperature preferences between you and your daughter. Changing it up every hour or so sounds like a great compromise. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when you gals sing and talk 🙂

      • Well, we always have one (of her three) little ones travel with us to see Nanny (they take turns). Interestingly, without knowing the reaction of their siblings, each child puts his/her headphones on as soon as their mom and madre begin to sing.
        Go figure! :-0

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