An Apple a Day

“Ait a happle avore gwain to bed, an’ you’ll make the doctor beg his bread.” — A Pembrokeshire proverb

Translated from Elizabeth Mary Wright’s 1863 Rustic Speech and Folk-lore, today we say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

And while apples—especially organic—enhance good health, there are a number of things we can do to promote wellbeing.

A mainstay in my whole health regimen—body, mind, and spirit—is restorative yoga, a slow and gentle style where each asana (posture) is supported by props such as bolsters, straps, blankets, blocks, chair, or wall. This support enables the practitioner to comfortably sink into a pose and hold it for up to five minutes, allowing them to let go, be present, and completely relax in the moment.

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What is your “apple a day?”

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70 thoughts on “An Apple a Day

  1. My apple a day is likely the stairs to my loft studio Laurie. I do not count but know that I go up and down them quickly many times everyday, sometimes two or three times in a row when I forget things or when I am moving paintings around or setting up for studio visits. It feels so good to zip up and down them knowing that when I go for a hike I can laugh and say “all hills are flat” even if this is not always so.

  2. Laurie great post. Mine is daily meditation and yoga and I love restorative yoga as well. I cant remember when I was sick last? I am very grateful to know these practices.

  3. Hi Laurie

    Yoga has never really been my thing, despite many years of practice, I never really attained flexibility, though I was certainly much more flexible than when I started.

    I do quite literally have an apple a day (at least one, often 2 or three), and something between it and the heaped teaspoon of vitamin C means that my only trip to the doctors in the last 4 years, for other than checkup, has been for a broken collar bone.

    Positive attitude, rest, exercise (golf is my preferred form), and walking or cycling are enjoyable.

    Belief in self is probably right up there, as is doing something in service of others.

    • Ted — Other than your recent broken collar bone, I’m so thankful that your doctor visits are of the checkup variety, nothing more. And you’re right about having a positive attitude — it goes a LONG way toward enhancing wellbeing. On top of all that, you live in one of the most beautiful spots on this planet, so being outside and enjoying what nature has to offer (be it on the golf course, bicycle, hiking) is a huge benefit. Belief in self, community service (and Ailsa), are icing on the cake 🙂

  4. My apple a day is Pilates today, which my instructor says connects mind & body through breathing. Like Terrill, I go up and down two flights of stairs multiple times daily for a good calf workout. Tomorrow I hope to find some real apples at Fresh Fields Farms. Great question, Laurie.

    • Marian — I’m definitely in agreement with your Pilates instructor as it relates to breathing. And TWO flights of stairs would definitely keep those calves in shape. I hope you find delicious apples tomorrow. We’re currently enjoying a basket of apples from Mt. Rainier.

  5. I just bought the most beautiful apple at the farmer’s market this morning. It is called a Wolf River apple and has a radius of about 4 inches! That one should keep two doctors away!

    The daily practices I try to maintains are drinking coffee while gazing at the mountains in the morning and then watching the sunset at night, reading inspirational poetry, spiritual writings, or memoirs, and doing either yoga, or walking. These are Power Boosters.

  6. My apple a day has to be exercise in general whether it be of the body or the mind . I walk early in the morning , I swim , do yoga ( not heard of restorative yoga will look into it ) , meditate and exercise my fingers writing with a pen . I do a second draft on the computer but I adore pens , I may have disclosed my fetish for pens in an earlier post . If there is anything I would be put in prison for it would be the theft of a pen , I am not to be trusted if a pen is just lying around waiting to be stolen …I am joking of course … I think lol

    • Cherry — The description of your pen fetish has me laughing. If ever I have the privilege of meeting you in person, I’ll bring you one of my all-time favorite pens: It’s a “Jetstream” made by Uni. I love the way it feels in my hand, and I love the way it writes 🙂

  7. Hi, Laurie! Smiling at that old-fashioned saying. I’ve got quite a few “apples a day”. Walking, slow yoga (a variation of the sunrise salutation but doing it with awareness to breathing), good healthy eating, what some might call meditation. I just call it “sitting with what’s happening” and that feels like being with a whole bushel of apples!

  8. Why settle for one when you can have two? : )
    Emotional health apple: reading, writing and employing stress management techniques such as…
    Physical health apple: long walks, tai chi and yoga–and as Kathy mentioned, eating well (for me this means gluten free, due to an intolerance)

    And here, Laurie, I’ll serve you a bowl full of my freshly baked apple crumble. The apples are Mayne Island grown, as are the blackberries I added. Would you like some frozen yogurt, as well?

  9. Laurie, so many great answers to this question! I am going to take it literally instead of figuratively, and hold up coconut water as my apple a day. When I began suffering from a potassium deficiency it turned my life around. And I am in no way a food faddist jumping on every new thing that hits the markets or the media. In 2 days I had no more leg and foot cramps and my hair quit falling out. I was and am sold on this product for a lifetime.

    • Sandi — I”m so glad that adding COCONUT WATER to your daily regimen made an immediate and enormous positive difference in your wellbeing. In your case both CURATIVE (fixed what ailed you), and PREVENTIVE (keeping it from happening again). Whoohoo! 🙂

  10. Right now it is healing sleep and Liangong. Not much energy as I visualize this bacterial infection releasing and letting go.
    Can’t wait to see what you think of the newest review. Quite the book !

  11. Hoi (Hallo) Laurie, ich esse seit einem halben Jahr am Morgen nur noch 1 Banane, 1 Apfel, 1 Birne und andere Früchte. Dazu eine Scheibe Schwarzbrot. Ich verlor so einige Kilos und fühle mich viel besser als vorher. Viele Grüsse Ernst

  12. Every day I have a nourishing breakfast, the most important meal of the day for my bodymind’s metabolism. And of course, the warmth of my husband’s companionship and cuddling with my cat are daily musts for my well-being. Focusing on simple pleasures…

  13. My apple a day is talking with my kids about their school day, and where applicable the extra-curricular activities that follow. In a busy life one sometimes takes for granted the human framing that in the end means so much more than what we at the time think are matters of urgency. In any case I have always loved and heeded that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” proverb, with the granny smith my exclusive indulgence, even if William Tell might disdain it. Never read that terrible original Penbrokeshire proverb. 🙂

    • Sam – I’d love to be a fly on the when Melanie, Sammy, Danny, Jillian, and Jeremy arrive home from their respective school day. I imagine the various experiences cover a pretty wide brushstroke!

      I love Granny Smith with cheddar cheese. There’s something about that taste combination that puts a smile on my face 🙂

  14. I really enjoy yoga also, Laurie. My yoga is fairly gentle and I’ve had a few restorative yoga classes. It is absolutely essential to my well-being. Sometimes I think it’s just the quiet that it brings…I repeat–essential. 🙂

  15. I am now doing a class 3 times a week, a combination of Yoga/Pilates/Tai Chi. The right side of my body has been really affected from my back injury and since I have been doing this class, those muscles have begun to shift and snap back into place. OUCH! But a good ouch! Life coming back into legs as well. Another ouch! But I am feeling strength again and BALANCE. Plus I do eat one apple a day as well in my fruit and yogurt smoothie every morning. Yep. That is my apple a day!!! Love, Amy

  16. To take your question literally (though I know that isn’t what you really asked)–

    I actually eat an apple most days. I generally take my lunch to work, and often include an apple.

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