Sweep Away Bad Energy

Sweep Away Bad Energy by Laurie Buchanan

Sweep Away Bad Energy by Laurie Buchanan

Feng Shui is the art of harmonious living. It involves the intentional placement of items to direct the circulation and flow of energy in a space. The desired outcome is unique by individual. Some people want to create balance and harmony, while others desire to boost their productivity, attract wealth, heighten creativity, advance their career, enhance good luck, and so on.

According to Feng Shui principles, the broom symbolizes insight and wisdom and is believed to have the power to sweep away negative energy, worry, and trouble. This ancient Chinese art counsels that the broom be hung by the door, symbolically sweeping out energy that no longer serves us well, making room for positive energy, abundance, and prosperity.

At our home we use our brooms daily; they aren’t just for looks. They also serve as a visible reminder of our intent to maintain a positive, respectful, and healthy emotional environment in our sacred space. If you’d like to learn more about the energy-based practice of Feng Shui, I highly recommend this website.

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               – Laurie Buchanan

Copyright © 2010 Laurie Buchanan — All Rights Reserved.

33 thoughts on “Sweep Away Bad Energy

  1. Good Morning Laurie,
    What a fun idea. Look at your fun and whimsical brooms.
    Sometimes I think I am just too “Western”. I have had the same Rubbermaid broom for years.
    Today is the day I buy a special broom to do just what you suggest. Sweep away the negative energies and bring in the positive. Maybe I will even buy some fresh flowers.
    Sweep, sweep, sweep.
    Happy Cleansing

    • Jean – I’m excited about your new broom! Hopefully you found one you really, really like! Once you’ve got it, please come back and tell us about it. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Are these the same brooms that we are going to need this coming October 31st for a rematch of last year’s race? I talk to mine daily and feed it all sorts of powerful reinforcements and speedy retorts. I’ll tell you, Laurie, if anybody’s house ever needed Feng Shui, it is Jonathan’s! Goshalmighty but there are bags of old papers, boxes of broken stuff, piles of “stuff” and since it is not mine, I don’t feel either entitled or obligated to mess with it. So, I will focus on my “room” and do what I can for the parts that I share with others. Is there a section called “The Black Hole?”

    • Barbara – Oh yes indeedy, the very same brooms! In looking at Jonathan’s photograph I would never (!) have guessed that he’s a pack rat. Maybe it’s a military thing? Len retired after 20 years in the Navy and while I’m a minimalist, he’s definitely a “maximalist.”

  3. Oh yes the black hole…my basement is like that. Every time I mention cleaning or even touching one stair I get in trouble. More like the Twilight Zone…

    I might have to look at on of those brooms after reading your blog.
    Although I have had people tell me how peaceful our home feels….kinda like OREOZ…


  4. Interesting…guess what? I got out the broom today and swept downstairs in the basement. Ancient Feng Shui buddha say: You sweeping out your deepest inner unconscious, you lady.

    You think? 🙂

    • Kathy – basement and deepest inner unconscious … definitely sounds like there could be a connection. And if that’s the correlation, then I’m in serious trouble. You should (shouldn’t!) see our basement at present.

      (On the other hand … isn’t that where you carry your firewood through to heat your home? It could be that you just needed to sweep for the sake of sweeping) …

      • You got it, Laurie–I was sweeping up wood ash and sticks and such from our wood burning process. It was looking rather dismal down there by the woodstove.

      • Kathy – During the winter time, the path from our back door to our woodburning stove tends to get a bit “woodsy” looking as well. Have yourself a fantastic day!

  5. And keeping them handy at the door, makes it easier to take a nice fly around the the sky at a minute’s notice!!!

    I love my mother-in-law, she sweeps the street in front of her house she loves to clean so much. The neighbors ask her where she is going to put all those helicopters she sweeps up.

    One Christmas as a joke, I saved a bunch of helicopters because she “loves” them so much – NOT. She was in Germany during Christmas, opened the box and laughed and laughed. The relatives did not think it was too funny. Germans aren’t exactly the warm fuzziest of people. Oh well we had fun though!

  6. Hi Laurie & team

    Been having a few broom thoughts in the last few hours.

    Just got back from seeing the oncologist in Christchurch. News not great. Basically there is nothing that medical science can do for me.
    Median survival at this stage is 5 months, and a 2% chance of surviving 5 years. Given that my IQ is in the 0.1% category, I’m aiming at 20 year survival, and I have absolutely no idea how that is going to happen.

    We’ve all had a bit of a weep today, and we’re looking forward to tomorrow.

    3 days since I last had a painkiller, and I just drove 2 hours of the trip back from Chch – feeling remarkable great.

    I guess it is time to create a future that is not the probable, almost certain, future.

    Lotsa love

    • Ted – You said “feeling remarkably great” as you drove back from Christchurch. As you know, thoughts are things. Put your best thoughts out there and the rest of us will too. I’ve never been a huge fan of medical science anyway, so lets see if we can disprove them. In my mind’s eye I am going to wrap you in the color green — the most healing color (frequency) there is. I am asking Divine Love for an outcome that is positive, uplifting, constructive, and healing — whatever that means for you.

      • Thanks Laurie and Kim

        I’m doing diet, exercise, vitamins, attitude – doing what I can to skew the probabilities my way. Hardest on our daughter, at 14 it is a rough time for her – a lot of tears yesterday and last night.

        Ailsa is taking it well, and we are working together on lots of fronts. Her approach is mainly emotional.

        Lotsa love


      • Ted – I just got back from the post office. A package is winging its way to you in New Zealand. I was going to be a smart ass and ship you a teapot (based on our conversation the other day), but I decided to behave myself (Len said he’d strangle me), and send something different. It’s more in keeping with Ailsa’s approach. You’ll find out what it is when it arrives.

    • Hi, Ted. I am rather wordless right now for you . . . words are not as helpful as the energy my spirit sends you. I am sending you an owl as well . . . a totem to bring you wisdom. Watch for him. Know that even from across the oceans, I walk with you. Barbara

      • Hi Ted
        just make the most of every day, I am thinking of you and your family and friends at this difficult time.
        Tell the world and your loved ones how you are feeling, you can’t change destiny but we can share knowledge.
        Very best wishes

    • Ted, you know I love you, heck, we all do, and I am sending you all the love and healing energy I can right now. What wouldn’t I give to have had the Doctor give you a better report, it would be yours for the taking. Along with Laurie and Barbara, I am sending you my best hopes and prayers, knowing they are there even as I write. You are in my Heart, Sandi

      • Thanks Sandi, Laurie, Barbara, Larry, Kevin, Kim and any others.

        It is kinda strange. Having some highly trained physician tell me there is nothing modern medical science can do to help me, and that I will probably die soon.
        At the same time realizing that I can always die almost any time, from any number of other causes.

        Possibility is a very strange thing indeed.

      • Ted – I’m in total agreement that possibility is a very strange thing. In fact, I believe in unleashed, unlimited, potential and possibility — and I believe it for you, too!

  7. Ted

    I am wrapping you in Divine love of all understanding and will keep you in my mind to prove the outcome to
    Be more than remarkable but miraculous.


  8. Charming post on the Feng Shui thingie…We would need about 15 of them just to make a dent in the mess around here. Kay keeps one handy for flying around all that is.

    Yesterday while at my friends Oncologist, he made a joke (first I’ve ever heard from him) about Kay’s stage 4 breast/bone cancer….She said, “I’ve been at stage 4 for over 3 years!” He quipped in…”Stage 15 my dear. I have no explanation for you and believe God must have something special for you to do.”

    They (the experts) gave her 3 months about three years ago…

    Ted, I’m send my echo to the energy in this blog..

  9. I think you will find a magic carpet is way more comfortable than a broom. Still a bit drafty while flying, and no catering but its the cheapest way to fly.
    Mine needs cleaning – lots of volcanic dust in the skies over Europe.
    Fabulous blog as always Laurie

    • Magic carpet? I’m assuming you have personal experience, Kevin — do tell. I can well imagine the volcanic dust in your neck of the woods. I was in Washington State 30 years ago (1980) when Mount St. Helens blew — we were all wearing face masks to not breathe in the ash. Are you having to take protective measures?

  10. Well, if the Hoover won’t sweep you girls out of the Race, I’ll call my good pal, Harry Potter and borrow his Turbo 2010! AND I will blow your butts out of the sky! Talk about “Eat my Dust” …..
    My broom needs to go to my basement and get on the ball. I’m seeing too many things I wish I hadn’t, like spiders webs. I like the black hole theory, I would just stand next to it, not too close, and start slinging stuff in as fast as I could pick it up. Then some where in an alternative Universe, some one would turn on their basement light and say, “Damn! Where did all of this junk come from!?!” I have an idea that’s how my basement got so crowded.

    • Sandi – If you call in Harry Potter, than we’re all S.O.L. Doesn’t he fly something with the word Firebolt in it?! I’d much prefer you to stick with your Hoover.

      So thaaaaaat’s where the stuff in my basement came from – an alternative universe! Thank you. I was trying to blame Len

  11. Ted, I’ve been thinking about you since last night…sending love and healing and hope your way… We don’t really “know” one another but I can feel your spirit and pray for a full recovery on all levels. Blessings, Kathy

  12. Laurie, I do hope that it’s OK to leave a message for Ted here.

    Ted, we just want to say that there are many people here sending prayers and healing energy to you and your family. Blessings to all of you. You are in our thoughts and our prayers.
    Colleen & Rick

  13. Cleaning up is one of the sign I am in fase of transition/change. It is funny, since I have to leave the hoovering to others due to my wheelchair, just look at my paperbin 🙂

    Hello Ted,

    Classical medice has its wisdom, but the other wisdom of energywork has soo much power. Just hang in there !

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