Why ask the Big Questions?

Fall by Laurie Buchanan

Fall by Laurie Buchanan

It is my perspective that any concept or belief worth embracing should be able to stand up to the litmus test of scrutiny. If we have to qualify, rationalize, make exceptions for, or turn a blind eye, then it may well be time to let it go.


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4 thoughts on “Why ask the Big Questions?

  1. Laurie,

    Speaking from the Heart brought me here; Speaking from the Heart kept me here; Speaking from the Heart will keep me here.

    I love what you are doing! To my blogroll you go because I am choosing to hear from the heart what you are speaking!

    “Don’t look for me on the surface; I do not reside there.”
    Lena Brown


    • Hsiao-Ling, I’m so glad that you found “Speaking from the Heart” and left a comment. I hope that you’ll come back often. My husband and I are currently on vacation on a little tiny island (Eleuthera) in the Bahamas. It’s 2 miles wide and 110 miles long. If you would like to see some other photos from this trip, please feel free to follow this link http://holessence.gaia.com/blog

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