Women and Leadership

Jumping on the opportunity, I was fortunate to purchase a ticket for the Women and Leadership Conference hosted by the Andrus Center for Public Policy at Boise State University before they quickly sold out to over 800 attendees. This annual conference is dedicated to promoting women’s interests, causes, and rights

I invested September 27 and 28 like a sponge—soaking up as much information from the presenters that I possibly could. Designed to educate, motivate, and inspire, the high-energy keynote presentations were delivered by Hattie Kauffman, Captain Gail Harris, Janice Schneider, Anne Doyle, Susan Sygall, Meredith Walker, Tara Russell, and Natasha Lamb.

Additionally, I attended three skill-building workshops:

  • Life by Design
  • The Language of Leadership
  • Practicing Mindfulness & Finding Balance

On top of all that, I had the opportunity to connect with like-minded women at the morning and evening reception events. I came away with relevant and actionable techniques that I can implement, delicious food for thought, and an even more highly polished admiration for people who contribute; people who make a positive, uplifting, constructive, and healing imprint on humanity.

When did you last connect with a like-minded person?

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46 thoughts on “Women and Leadership

  1. Every day I stay connected to like-minded people. I especially enjoy Sundays at Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago – it’s like Spiritual Ted-Talk for all people. It’s not a Buddhist community it’s named Bodhi after the tree that the Buddha sat under to Wake-Up. Check them out on-line or better yet come join me one SUnday Morning in Chicago 🙂

    My favorite quote of yours: ” What you are not changing, you are choosing.” You have no idea how these words have healed me from my past patterns and behaviors.


    • Delphine — The next time in Chicago I’ll definitely check out the Bodhi Spiritual Center.

      I’m so glad that “Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing” resonates with you! Thank you for letting me know 🙂

  2. My like-minded friend Kathy and I talked on the phone on Friday, a more nuanced way to connect than texts, blogs or other social media. It doesn’t happened often but when it does our voices encourage and spark new ideas. I’m glad you got a shot in the arm attending this great conference, Laurie. Great question today!

  3. Sounds like an excellent conference! I so agree that there is value in gathering with like-minded folks. Such opportunities feed our spirit, deepen and strengthen us. I’m fortunate to have such communities in my life, coaching colleagues (a small cadre of sister-friends), a Friends Board for a National Refuge (share love for the environment), sister author friends (online, yet strong support), veteran feminists (reconnected and vibrant online and periodic gatherings), circle council (dialogue-based facilitators) to name a few. I’m connecting with each with varied levels of frequency. Most recent, my sister coaching friends. Next week, gathering with my refuge and Audubon community for the “Big Sit” (annual bird count; you may easily find one in your area). Of course, the idea is not to be exclusionary or insulated. Yet, I think we (or at least I), find value in the gatherings which helps me be more present in the wider world.

  4. In the art world, Beaver Island can be a lonely place. There are other artists here, working in various media, but – like me – they also have jobs and obligations in a dozen different directions. No matter how much it is missed, or how much it feeds the soul, there are few opportunities to mingle. There are artists who take time to document their progress and frustrations through their blogs. I follow several of them, and find it, by turns, helpful. encouraging, inspirational and joyous. I am thankful for the internet, that allows me to interact with artists all around the world.

  5. I have not been to anything except book group gatherings for 27 months. I feel ready to go to something so put a local climate action meeting on my list. I need some political discussion in my life and some new strategies. For sure. I miss working with education groups

  6. Laurie, still feeling like a “Newbie” in the Mojave dessert, I miss my gardening pals, people I can get down and dirty with…conversations on “hot” manures versus “cold” manures, correct density of soil structures, pH values, and of course, bugs. However, not being so one-sided as to ignore the rest of Creation, I enjoy our daily communications and also my conversations with my daughter Missy. Missy is a one of a kind person, she can throw a fresh spin on a subject and open my eyes to a brand new perspective and have me holding my sides and rolling up and down on the floor laughing as she hammers home her point. Missy possesses little or no subtlety, I never have to wonder what she means…she’s a lot like me.

  7. Dear Laurie, I look forward to our “like-minded creative” connection through our social media and our authorship. Your posts always offer me a refreshing and knowledgeable perspective! Thank you, Sheila 🙂 ❤

  8. Thursdays when I teach oil painting from life classes in-person and Saturday online in a pilot has garnered a small crowd of like-minded individuals Laurie. It has been an unanticipated joy of teaching after more than 40 years painting. I now wonder why it to took me so long to give in to the requests. I can just see you soaking up your days at the conference! It sounds wonderful Laurie.

  9. My goodness Laurie I wish we had something like that here in little ol Wales . It’s sounds completely perfect to me .
    I lap up anything I can muster with groups of like minded people , poetry readings , writing groups , book groups , yoga …something where I can relate …fabUlous therapy.

  10. Hi Laurie,

    I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone else who thought quite like me.
    Not even sure that I would be able to recognise such a thing if I encountered it 😉

    And I tend to see continua in all things, and can thus see degrees of “like”ness in all individuals.

    And I do like to engage with people who are willing to challenge anything, and have enough wisdom to be able to distinguish the sorts of things that are worth challenging in any particular context.

  11. This morning actually. Three days a week my friend Margaret joins me on my morning walk. She’s in her seventies and sets a brisk pace I try to keep up with. 🙂 We also talk the whole time. Neighbors ask us “what do you two talk about?” Our answer — “everything.” It’s been some time since I’ve been part of an actual gathering of like minded people. I do miss that.

  12. Laurie, what a terrific event and I can sense the buzz it gave you! How wonderful to meet up with so many like-minded people in one go. I had a lovely lunch with a friend today and we discussed her poetry and painting, my writing and hopes to soon self-publish…a great feeling to share these thoughts. 😀

  13. Just last week I connected with a “like minded” person, a very bright and comically satirical mid-west school teacher-going-into-real estate-guy living with wife and two kids as a result of a blog site controversy of a book review. We learn day to day. 🙂

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