Honda Fit — Barely!

Dog lovers that we are, when we’re out running errands, we typically notice when other drivers are transporting their four-legged friends around with them.

Recently we were behind a small Honda Fit when all of a sudden a big beige bottom belonging to a Mastiff filled the back window. Quick research on my iPhone told me:

“Massive is the word that comes to mind when you first see this dog. Other breeds might match or come close to his height, but the Mastiff outweighs them all. He’s considered the largest breed in the world and can weigh 220 pounds or more.”

Click on the photo to enlarge. Look closely at each side window.

While discussing that astounding fact, we turned the corner behind them. The change in direction must have jostled an as-yet-unseen slumbering giant. Before we knew it, TWO mastiffs—each with their head out a side window—filled the back.

Len and I laughed and almost in unison said: “Honda Fit—Barely!”

What was your most recent barely fit, tight squeeze situation?


61 thoughts on “Honda Fit — Barely!

  1. Getting into the jeans that fit a year ago. Squeezing all the things my son wanted to take to Ecuador into my car last spring. I could barely get my overnight bag in, it was so full.

  2. Hi Laurie
    When I first met Ailsa she a full blood English Mastiff “Shandy” that was heavier than me and almost twice Ailsa’s weight. Now we have “Sandy” who is a mastiff lab cross, and Huia who is all lab. Putting the two of them in the back of Ailsa’s little Diahtsu is often something of a tight fit.

    Having the two of them on their couch can be something of a tight fit also.

    One of my close friends used to have an Irish Wolfhound “Finnigan”. Fin would greet me by walking up to me, and putting his front paws on my shoulders and resting his chin on my head. I’m 6’2″ – Fin was a big boy.

  3. Travelling on Toronto public transit – often a very tight fit and often due to inconsiderate passengers who block the way with their hug baby buggies or themselves only upfront so you have to be almost invisible to slide by when you want to get off. And this is not even in rush hour. At least in rush hour on crowded buses people often don’t have a choice where they stand.

  4. Ha ha, tight fit indeed! My tightest fit lately was this morning standing between two people who planned to vote differently in the election. Yikes! The sparks were flying. They were like two growling mastiffs, each with their hackles up. It would have been nice to give them an opposite window to roll down so they could enjoy their ride together. 🙂

    • Kathy — Holy Cannoli! At least they had YOU (one of kindest, most thoughtful people I know) between them as a physical buffer. Otherwise, it’s anybody’s guess what might have happened!

  5. Time is always my tightest fit! Seems I’m never able to accomplish what I wish to. Leave for appointments at last minute (seldom late– but tight! Well….maybe 5 minutes late!)

  6. Laurie, lately I endured a bout of back trouble, my doctor prescribed a weeks course of corticosteroids. I was not that familiar with the side effects and I gained about 15-18 pounds in one weeks, I ate everything that didn’t get up and run away. All my life I have lived with a figure that explains the phrase,” A rag, a bone and a hank of hair.”, basically nothing in the curves department. After attempting to wear clothes that had no intention of covering the extras, I pretty much enjoyed a week in pajamas “resting my back”. I don’t believe we’ll go down that road again. Having known a Mastiff I was and still am terribly impressed!

  7. That is so funny . 😂😂I have a feeling the owners of those dogs are tiny people . Have you ever noticed that . People who have tiny dogs are huge and visa versa . I’m kinda medium with a medium dog . Tee hee I am sometimes told I look like him . It must be the floppy ears 😂😂
    I am trying to fit in a bucket load of hobbies in a short space of time …some will have to go but how can I possibly make a choice .

  8. I had to attend two school-related function last week on the same night in different locations. Lucille pulled it off against all odds. 🙂

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