Craters of the Moon

On the return leg of a road trip to Montana—we stopped at Craters of the Moon National Monument in the Snake River Plain in central Idaho. To see it, you’d think you’d just stepped off a spaceship onto another planet. Here’s a photo of the terrain:

According to the brochures we received at the visitor’s center:

“Craters of the Moon is a vast ocean of lava flows with scattered islands of cinder cones and sagebrush—a volcanic wonderland that is fun to explore. In 1969 NASA astronauts Alan Shepherd, Edgar Mitchell, Eugene Cernan, and Joe Engle explore the monument while training to visit the moon.”

It made me think about life on other planets; lifeforms we refer to as “Martians” or “Aliens.” If they visited us, they’d probably feel extremely out of place. On the flip side of that coin, we’d probably feel extremely out of place on their planets too.


When was the last time you felt out of place?


66 thoughts on “Craters of the Moon

  1. Hi Laurie

    I seem to have this constant internal battle, between feeling out of place and accepting what is.

    Perhaps a dozen times today it has broken through to consciousness.

    I so want there to be peace.
    I want a world where people experience being healthy most of the time.
    I really want the tools to deliver freedom.

    It is really weird at present. I get the feeling that most people are kind of attached to things being the way they are. I sometimes feel I got born a bit too early, and I know that is nonsense, and sometimes it feels that way.

  2. The two of you look so cute as moon creatures. I am a bit of a chameleon; I rarely feel too out of place. I also felt a little out of place at my last HS Reunion but since I was on the host committee I focused on everyone else’s fun and the dis-ease went away

  3. I’ve pretty much felt out of place most of my life. Not in a negative way, more like an invited guest who gets to observe “earthlings” 😉 do what they do. But I’m completely comfortable being different.

    Craters of the Moon is one of the unique places on the planet. We visited many years ago and were awestruck by the stark beauty (a beauty that is most definitely in the eye of the beholder.)


  4. Love the photo of you two aliens! As I get older and technology takes over more and more, I often feel I don’t belong here anymore. But there’s still so much good stuff to hang around for, i’m not going anywhere!

    • Joan — I just had a conversation with my sister about NOT getting behind in technology. I’m hanging onto to its tail — much like a tiger’s — had get whipped around quite a bit. But I’m doing my darnedest to hang on and stay current 🙂

  5. Husband and I stopped at Craters of the Moon in 2009 when we drove back to Minnesota. It was so different than the terrain we’d been driving through, so stark and almost haunted feeling. Quite an experience.

  6. I feel like I belong at home in my cozy chair now days. But I truly do not feel like that as I reflect on most of my days. I picked a career in the church which proved to be extremely wrong for me Recently I have been successful at releasing and finding a contentment in just being.

  7. Laurie, we had this strange experience this week of going to a local restaurant that is familiar but something was strangely off. A new server was pleasant and quietly attentive but to the rest of the staff and owners we seemed to be invisible – like in no expression, invisible and non existent kind of way. Usually, people smile and nod with quick eye contact if they are busy and unable to more – particularly when it is their customers. There was a project underway that I suspect provided the potion for these circumstances. Powerful stuff that project! We will have to go back in six months or so and see how it turns out. Love the photograph of you two!

  8. Laurie, got quite a start when the photo came into view! I’m glad I was sitting down. I look at the landscape of the High Desert here in Southern California and remind myself that this place is not alien, I am the alien. The High Desert has been here for God only knows how long, I am just a very recent transplant. Although it is sometimes frightening, it’s almost always interesting and a learning experience for a “gringa’. The Hispanic population here is certainly much higher and more prominent than I had been accustomed to in North Georgia. Knowing practically no Spanish, I have been slowly collecting a few words, mostly in connection with food items. With most everyone I see I can expect dark eyes, hair and that contented look of a well-settled person. When they look at me they see a tall woman with light blonde hair, blue eyes with a look of constant bemusement on her face. As has been said many times before, “One is to bloom where one has been planted”.

    • Sandi — And BLOOM you and your yard have!

      I think you’re home and surrounding landscape are one of the few truly GREEEEEEN spots in that geographic location. Definitely a pleasant, welcoming, bright spot 🙂

  9. I feel out of place with a lot of today’s too much technology, especially when things go wrong with it. I feel out of place with the too-busy-too-hurried-too scrambled lifestyles of today. But I feel in place with my writing, garden, close relatives and friends, reading a good book (preferably in print).

  10. Love the photo, Laurie.
    Sometimes it’s how I dress or what I believe or how I act or my abilities (or lack of) or even how I talk but I’ve had my share of feeling out of place. And although it can feel uncomfortable it provides an opportunity to grow and learn. I try to remember to embrace the opportunity.

  11. My first visit to Mid-day prayer with the monks of Saint John’s Abbey was a little strange–not alien, but unfamiliar. The famous Benedictine hospitality came to my rescue, and now I know what to do and feel very much at home in a new environment.

    Love your funny faces.

  12. I can feel out of place with anyone, and anywhere, over anything, but then I often get over it just as quickly. It’s only when I am too much inside of myself that I tend to feel out of place.

  13. Oooh! Lovely moon surface 🙂 Wish I could visit that! I don’t think I’d feel out of place on another planet lol but I sure did on the canine psychology course I’ve just withdrawn myself from. Wrong type of learning mechanism altogether for yours truly and the college running the distance learning course seems to be full of elitist snobs who I felt horribly out of place associating with. My tutor was no exception and I can’t remember feeling so uncomfortably out of place in a long time. But now I am free! Tonight I feel great, like an elitist weight has lifted off me. When I stop to think about it I am smiling and suddenly looking forward to tomorrow – I have my life back! Sad really when you think about it…but true. Even better, although that door closed today an exciting new one – in fact two, opened from another course provider and I am now looking forward to gaining my canine psychology qualifications in a new and for moi, much better way 🙂 And I don’t feel out of place!!!

  14. I have always felt out of place . As a youth it bothered me but now I am grateful . I have always respected living things . That means ALL living things I am so grateful of that …who wants to fit in anyway 🌲🌻🐾😉

  15. Thank you for the information on how to order your book I will give it ago . By the way you two look sooooooo beautiful on that photo 😂😂you little smashers

  16. The picture of you and Len is so cute! Thanks for giving me a laugh this evening. And I had no idea there was a place like Craters of the Moon, Idaho. Such a unique place–I’d love to visit it someday.

  17. Great post Laurie, and awesome photoshop!!

    After a number of years I still feel out of place negotiating all the online quirks with running a PC everyday. One day I’ll get it. Ha!

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