I Ran Away!

Periodically I run away from home to get some good, solid writing accomplished. Most recently my destination was George Williams College in William’s Bay in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

An unexpected guest, they treated me like royalty! I was escorted to what seemed like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise with a commanding, second-floor view of the campus and William’s Bay.

I broke for lunch at noon. The dining hall at the Beasley Campus Center served up a wonderful meal they packed in a to-go box so I could enjoy it down on the shore.

Mesmerized by the hypnotic comings and goings of sailboats and yachts as they glided past on the shimmering bay, I admired the nautical skill of the day sailors.

This adventure was the exception, rather than the rule. I usually run away to the library, a coffee shop, or a bookstore. But trying to hide in your own town is difficult because inevitably you’re recognized.

The next time you see someone with a mustache, the bill of their cap pulled low over dark glasses, hunkered over a laptop with their fingers smokin’ the keys,
it’s not me..

When was the last time you ran away from home?


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