Line of Sight

When I hopped out of the truck in Sisters, Oregon to take this photograph, my immediate thought was “line of sight.” I wanted to write about unobstructed vision, and how very few things we actually see that way. Easy peasy, right? Not!

I started my online research. As a suspense/thriller novelist (#seanmcphersonnovels), I already knew about line of sight as it relates to firearms.

I didn’t know about:

Line of sight in electromagnetic radiation

Line of sight between missile and target

Line of sight as it relates to mental illness, particularly schizophrenia

Line of sight in the world of gaming (who can see what)

Line of sight in mathematics (projective geometry)

Line of sight as it relates to the production of pipelines

Line of sight in art is when an artist uses a horizontal line that runs across the paper or canvas to represent the viewer’s eye level and delineate where the sky meets the ground

Who knew?! Clearly, line of sight is more than meets the eye.

What do you see clearly?


A View With A Room

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You’ve probably heard of, or seen the movie, “A Room With A View.” But what I passed on my way home yesterday was definitely a view with a room.I was driving along my usual 2-mile route home from HolEssence, minding my own business, when all of a sudden the ivy climbing this beautiful brick building catches my attention.

“Look at me, just look at me, will you?!” it cries. I slow down to take a look. Not just a cursory glace, but a real look.

The view is amazing! Just look at how the windows are barely peeking out from behind the ivy—like knowing eyes peering out from behind long bangs.

There are cars behind me so I continue past, slowly. thinking, Thinking, Thinking. It looks like the perfect writer’s loft. No. It looks like a Hobbit’s abode.

Knowing I’ve got the camera in the car, I make a right-hand turn as soon as I can, and circle back.

What comes to mind as you look at the windows winking out from behind the ivy?