Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.)

Harmony by Laurie Buchanan

Harmony by Laurie Buchanan

B.E.S.T. is a non-forceful, energy balancing hands-on procedure used to help reestablish the full healing potential of the body. It’s based on scientific principles utilizing light pressure contact on the surface of the body to address parasympathetic and sympathetic imbalances.

The sympathetic nervous system has an active “pushing” function; it’s like the gas pedal in your car. When we’re in the fight, flight, or freeze mode, the pedal is to the floor.

The parasympathetic nervous system is mainly a relaxing function; it’s like the brake pedal in your car.

The sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems are both part of the autonomic nervous system (autonomic meaning it can’t be controlled by the mind) and work in balance with each other and directly or indirectly affect almost every structure in the body.

B.E.S.T. utilizes a noninvasive way to update brain patterns. When emotional thoughts such as worry, guilt, fear, or judgment become the overriding factor in our memory patterns, interference with health and wellness becomes the norm. This interference, formulated by conscious thought, which in turn becomes a pattern, prevents the true expression of our physical bodies healing capability.  

B.E.S.T. uses a noninvasive way to identify the interference, update the emotional pattern, and then allows the body to function based on current situations rather than past experiences. Our body has the innate ability to heal itself, but it needs to be given the opportunity.

B.E.S.T. is about unlocking the power within each of us—the pattern for health and wellness.

The B.E.S.T. practitioner in my geographic area is Carla Gibson. She’s the owner of Gibson Wellness Center. Even if you’re not in the Crystal Lake, Illinois area, you can find out a lot more about this wonderful energy-based modality by looking through her website.

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               – Laurie Buchanan
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Affirmations for Health

Life by Laurie Buchanan

Life by Laurie Buchanan

In their e-Book,  Affirmations – Words of Power, authors Remez and Dorina Sasson tell us that, “Affirmations provide a bridge between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, which is the control room of the mind and body. The subconscious mind is responsible for all of the involuntary functions of the body such as the heartbeat, bloodstream, respiration, the immune system, metabolism, and self-healing. Affirmations pass from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind, which takes the affirmations as commands to heal the body.”

Based on my experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist working with the “mechanics” of the subconscious mind, here are some suggestions for the optimum use of affirmations. If you additionally integrate visualizations (strong mental picture) of yourself as healthy, vital, and energetic … all the better!

Use Positive Statements
Use expressions such as “I am healthy.” or “My [     ] is healthy and functions perfectly.” Avoid stating what you wish to overcome in your affirmation. Rather, express your desired outcome—the ideal state: “I enjoy full health.”

Use Present Tense
For example: “I am healthy,” “I am healed,” “I feel great,” and “I am full of energy.”

My Personal Daily Affirmations Include
The energy of Divine Love fills my heart, directs my thoughts, and organizes my affairs.
The healing energy of Divine Love flows throughout my body, mind, and spirit.
My body is vital, healthy, and strong.
I lovingly forgive and release everything in the past.
I choose to fill my world with joy.

A Favorite Client Example
I’m open to the possibility that a miracle will occur for me by morning  . . .  it’s not that I’m searching for the miracle; rather it is searching for me.

I typically end my affirmations with: “Thank you, and so it is.”

Do you use affirmations? If yes, please share a few of your favorites.