Sink a Joe — Shift a Shack

When we put our home on the market last spring to relocate from the mid-west to the Pacific Northwest, we received advice from numerous people encouraging us to buy a small statue of St. Joseph and “follow the instructions to the letter” because it would “make the house sell fast!”

Not being Catholic, our concern was that we would be stepping on saintly toes, so when we went to the local Catholic shop for our purchase, we were assured by the managing nuns that it wasn’t offensive in any way, and were once again admonished to “follow the instructions to the letter.”

We buried St. Joseph in front of the house — head down, feet up, facing the street — and said the prayer included with the instructions.


Summer, fall, and winter came and went. Just when we were convinced that we’d accidentally picked St. Slow instead of St. Joe, our home sold to a pre-qualified buyer and everything progressed like greased lightning!

Have you ever used an unorthodox method to accomplish something?

Next Tuesday’s post will be published from the road as we relocate across the country. Stay tuned…

© Laurie Buchanan

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