And the World Goes ‘Round

Boise, Idaho—there’s no doubt we live in one of the most beautiful locations in North America. The photo below is just one of the lovely scenes we pass on our daily walks. And though the water’s been turned off for the winter and the wheel isn’t currently going ‘round, it’s still captivating.

Water wheel

In my most recent article for Sibyl magazine I wrote:

Communication—not love—is what makes the world go round. One of the strongest human longings is to be heard and acknowledged. This need is deeply anchored to our connection with others.

I went on to say:

Excellent communicators make eye contact with the other person and take in what they’re saying. They give visual clues and utilize encouraging expressions of agreement—nodding their head, smiling, softly saying uh-huh—to let the other person know that they’re actively listening.

Who was the last person you gifted with your undivided attention?



The May, 2015 edition of Sibyl Magazine features a thread in my life’s tapestry — From GED to PhD.


I left home/school when I was 15. That personal choice meant getting a GED instead of graduating with my class. I went on to earn my PhD. And while I’m Ph.inisheD with brick-and-mortar academia, I’ll never be done learning.

What’s your most recent learning?