Baby It’s Cold Outside

Many of you know that Rod Stewart and I spend a lot of time together — him streaming from the speakers in my truck while I drive.

With recent brutal temperatures  (we’ve flirted with 50-degrees below zero with windchill factored in), I’ve been listening to my favorite rendition of Baby It’s Cold Outside — a duet Rod Stewart shares with Dolly Parton.

In these frigid conditions, schools close, numerous employees telecommute from home, and some people become homebound. For many, the world can look downright dreary, even on the inside where it’s warm and toasty.

To beat the winter blues, do you:

  • Exercise inside — yoga, tai chi, hula hoop
  • Exercise outside — ice skate, snowboard, sled
  • Read books, watch movies, meditate
  • Bake, scrapbook, build a ship in a bottle

What boosts your spirits in the winter months and keeps you from feeling gloomy?

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are  choosing.” — Laurie Buchanan

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Spring – Kind of like the Witness Protection Program

One of my favorite parts of spring is seeing all the new life. Buds on trees, green grass poking out of the ground, flowers starting to sprout…

Somewhat like the Witness Protection Program, spring heralds a new beginning—a clean slate. My teenaged clients would call it a “do over.”

A week ago I sent an email to my friend Sandi in Georgia and told her that two doors down the swelling dogwood buds on my neighbor’s tree looked like a cotton ball explosion!

Unbelievably, two short days later, I wrote her that the buds were in full bloom. This process—bud to bloom—normally takes a lot more time, but we’ve been experiencing temperatures that are 20-30 degrees above normal. In fact, they’ve been record-breaking for this time of year.

In the Witness Protection Program a person is relocated to a different geographic location and provided with a brand spanking new identity, including social security number, house, car, and job.

If you could step into a brand new career—no questions asked—what would it be?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
— Laurie Buchanan

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