Ready to Rumble?

Planes, trains, and automobiles—there’s no doubt that we travel a lot. Not only do Len and I love it, but Willa does too!

Willa catching G-force

One of the cool things about state-side travel in a vehicle is the rumble strips. They’re not in every state, but we’ve discovered they’re prevalent in the Pacific Northwest.

If your vehicle is just a wee bit further into the left lane than you intended, you hear a loud rumble noise that captures your attention in a quick hurry. And if you were starting to doze off, it’s enough to wake you up!

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, a center line rumble strip is a longitudinal safety feature installed at or near the center line of a paved roadway. It is made of a series of milled or raised elements intended to alert inattentive drivers (through vibration and sound) that their vehicles have left the travel lane.

What was the last thing that grabbed your attention?


Catch Me If You Can!

As you can see in the photograph, I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane (Peter, Paul, and Mary). I bought a one-way ticket that I’ll use this coming Monday. I’ve blacked out the destination details because those won’t be revealed until next week. Suffice it to say that I’m going on an adventure!

The Beginning of Laurie's Adventure

The Beginning of Laurie’s Adventure

Remember the 1987 comedy Planes, Trains, and Automobiles with Steve Martin and John Candy? I hope to avoid anything even remotely close to their maudlin escapades, and I’ll be minus the “trains” part except that Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train is definitely one of the songs I’ve burned to take along for left-lane driving.

I’ll be On The Road Again (Willie Nelson) heading from the undisclosed destination, Back Home Again (John Denver). The purpose of my trip is to move something (it’s bigger than a breadbox) from Point A to Point B—Crystal Lake, Illinois.

I’m traveling by myself. In other words, I’ll be Footloose (minus Kevin Bacon) and sort of Thelma and Louise-ish (without Thelma, and no cliff diving at the end), having a fantastic time! Just call me Wild Thang!

Barring any complications, it should take me less than a week to accomplish this mission—I plan to be home in time for Labor Day weekend. On Tuesday morning I’ll reveal a few more details.

When was the last time you went on an adventure?