Gone Camping

We’re currently camping at the Garden Valley Airstrip. It’s a popular fly-in picnic and camping spot for experienced pilots because of the mountainous location next to the Payette River and the excellent maintenance of the grass landing strip by the Idaho Division of Aeronautics. 

The camping facilities include shelters, tables, fire-pits, flush toilets (hallelujah!), and hot showers. It’s a great place to get a lot of reading and writing done.

I’ve turned comments off for this post because internet connections are iffy at best up here. But I wanted to share a glimpse of this beautiful location with you. Enjoy!

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Over the River and Through the Woods

And while we didn’t actually go to Grandmother’s house, we did use part of Labor Day weekend to drive to McCall. Boasting mile-high elevation, we followed the Payette River through Boise National Forest where brightly-colored life vests dotted the winding river with kayak and white-water enthusiasts.


At Lake Cascade State Park we stopped to enjoy our homemade picnic lunch and a quick dip in the chilly water — just enough to get our feet and paws wet.


Entering Ponderosa State Park on the north edge of McCall, Payette Lake sparkled like a sun-dappled jewel; it’s sapphire surface ruffled by passing houseboats, sailboats, and speedboats.


Sleepy in spots, white-capped with turbulence in others, we stopped one last time on the return trip for a closeup look at the Payette River. A great way to enjoy the Labor Day weekend, our day trip was filled with breathtaking beauty.


Where do you find breathtaking beauty?

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