Over the River and Through the Woods

And while we didn’t actually go to Grandmother’s house, we did use part of Labor Day weekend to drive to McCall. Boasting mile-high elevation, we followed the Payette River through Boise National Forest where brightly-colored life vests dotted the winding river with kayak and white-water enthusiasts.


At Lake Cascade State Park we stopped to enjoy our homemade picnic lunch and a quick dip in the chilly water — just enough to get our feet and paws wet.


Entering Ponderosa State Park on the north edge of McCall, Payette Lake sparkled like a sun-dappled jewel; it’s sapphire surface ruffled by passing houseboats, sailboats, and speedboats.


Sleepy in spots, white-capped with turbulence in others, we stopped one last time on the return trip for a closeup look at the Payette River. A great way to enjoy the Labor Day weekend, our day trip was filled with breathtaking beauty.


Where do you find breathtaking beauty?

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