Belly Up To The Bar

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Today is the 5th of May—Cinco de Mayo. During our April vacation in California, we enjoyed lots (and lots!) of authentic Mexican food. One of our favorite restaurants is Old Town Mexican Café and Cantina. It’s the “Home of the original Handmade Tortilla Makers.” Simply delicious!

While waiting for your meal you can watch tortillas being made—by hand. You can also admire the colorful bar stools and and embarrass your husband during the busy lunch hour by crawling on the floor to snag a pretty cool photo.

Belly up to the bar” means to move near something. However, when looking up the etymology, I found all sorts of interesting information. I especially enjoyed this improbable meaning that was said to be given by a tour guide at an old Lexington tavern:

“The origin of ‘belly up to the bar’ goes back to Colonial times. If your belly could reach the bar, you were old enough to drink.”

What are you belly-ing up to?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

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