Misty Water-Colored Memories

For this year’s holiday celebration we’re hosting a large group of people at our home. Some of our guests are traveling from as far away as California and Canada. We won’t exchange material gifts to mark the occasion. Rather, we’ll make memories—the best kind of gift.

When I think back over the years, very few tangible presents come rushing to the forefront of my mind. Of course I remember getting my first bicycle. And the year I got a microscope — I desperately wanted to be a mad scientist. I also remember getting white go-go boots, orange fish net stockings, and frosted Yardley lipstick.

However, I can recall with ease the feeling of this holiday, the mental pictures etched on my heart — the memories. Nat King Cole’s velvety voice crooning from the record player. Sticky hands from popcorn balls that grandma helped us make. Caroling door-to-door with the neighborhood kids.

I can remember mouth-watering aromas wafting from the kitchen where mom and grandma danced the age old two-step of food preparation. And sneaking black olives from the relish tray on the dining room table; putting one on the end of each finger and then eating them off — quick! — before I got caught.

I remember a clear sense of belonging, of being loved, and of everything being right in my world. Memories endure.

What memories have you made this holiday season?

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
— Laurie Buchanan

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The Scent of Memories

In mid-May our lilacs were in full bloom. After cutting a vase full and placing them on the kitchen table our house smelled like heaven!

When I shared this on Facebook, dozens of people responded. One in particular pulled at my heartstrings:

My great grandmother died when I was five years old but to this day, whenever I smell lilacs, I have vivid memories of her and the lilac sachets in her lingerie drawer.”

Sight is our strongest sense for short-term memory. It’s estimated that up to 73 percent of our short-term memory is through what we see.

Smell is the strongest and most vivid sense for long-term memories. Certain smells can trigger memories we haven’t thought of in years.

We make memories through our senses and it’s through these same senses that we recall our memories.

Each of our senses makes its own connection for the same experience. When we see a dog and stop to pet it, we double our memory of it! When we think, talk, or write about something, we make even more triggers for that experience.

What memories are you making today for the future?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
— Laurie Buchanan

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© 2012 Laurie Buchanan– All Rights Reserved