It’s a Dog’s Life

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The other day while visiting Creative Potager, Terrill said that she hadn’t seen my dogs in a while and wondered how they are. So I grabbed my camera for a quick show-and-tell:

Claire—our West Highland white terrier—will be 13 in December. She rules the roost with an iron paw. When we’re all in the backyard, her favorite pastime is to stay between us and Willa. Great at keep-away, she’d make an excellent goalie.

Lexi—our Standard Poodle—turned 7 in June. Often referred to as Her Highness, she’s a princess through-and-through. Her favorite thing to do—indoors or out—is to garner praise by prancing around and posing for attention.

Willa—our Irish Wolfhound—will be 3 next April. Very much the rough-and-tumble tomboy, she loves to chew (hence the femur bone). Her favorite thing in the world is to ride in the car—if she can stick her head out the window, all the better.

Let me qualify the word “our” as used above. They are no more ours than the man in the moon. We are, however, theirs.

Please leave a comment and tell us about the companion animal(s) that have left indelible prints all over your heart.