Lost Horse

While in Darby, Montana to finish writing The Business of Being, I passed this Lost Horse sign on my weekly drive to Hamilton to buy groceries. The mischievous side of me was desperate to strike through the word “lost” with a black marker and write “found” instead. I’m happy to report that the better part of me won out.


And though I didn’t lose a horse while on sabbatical, I lost some preconceived ideas and found better ones to take their place. For instance:

All males in Montana are not fashioned after the Marlboro man.
Not every public place in Montana has a spittoon.

There’s an incredible French bistro—Taste of Paris—in Hamilton, Montana. Who knew?!
The libraries in Montana (I visited four different ones) are amazing!

While there I learned that “creek” is pronounced “crick.”

On a Montana fun facts and trivia website I additionally learned that “the word ‘ditch’ can be used to order a drink. It means ‘with water.’  ‘I’d like a Jack Daniel’s ditch, please’ means, ‘I’d like a Jack Daniel’s and water.’ This is not a joke. In fact, all you really have to ask for is a ‘Jack ditch.’ Try it out the next time you find yourself in a Montana saloon.”

What have you lost and found lately?

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Keys – Lost and Found

Walking along the Boise River Greenbelt is always an adventure because we never know what we’re going to see. During our latest walk, Len found keys hanging from a protrusion on a power pole.


Clearly, someone lost their keys, another person found them and thoughtfully placed them where they’d hopefully be spotted by their rightful owner when they retraced their steps.

And while most of us have sets of keys, they aren’t always tangible, solid objects. For instance:

  • I’ve found that the key to writing is concision.
  • Len found that the key to flying is to start the landing approach early.
  • Some have found that the key to parenting is _______.
  • Others have found the key to relationships is _______.

It’s your turn:

I’ve found that the key to _________ is __________.

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