Put On Your Big Girl Panties

You're a Big Girl Now by Laurie Buchanan

You’re a Big Girl Now by Laurie Buchanan

Happy birthday blog!

One year ago today you were born…it seems like it was just yesterday. You were such a wee little thing, but look at you now with over 27,450 visits.

And you play well with others. Why you’ve got friends in Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Belgium, Scotland, France, and all over the United States.

I remember the day you were Freshly Pressedoh my! – with no advance warning, I didn’t even have time to freshen up the house before all the guests arrived, 1,974 of them. My head’s still reeling from all the excitement. I’m pretty sure that’s when you picked up a few of your 102 active subscribers.

I see you there pulling yourself up and standing on your own little elfin feet. Before you know it, you’ll be into everything and running at break-neck speed!

I have a sneaking suspicion the terrible two’s are just around the corner

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