On the Rise


We never fail to be awed by the many, beautiful hot air balloons that lift off from Ann Morrison Park over Labor Day weekend at the annual Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic. This year’s event was no exception.

As the air in the balloons gets hotter than the surrounding air, they rise. Walking between the balloons before liftoff, the sound is incredible! In fact, an article in the Idaho Statesman newspaper recommended that attendees leave their dogs at home because the sound—like a herd of fire-breathing dragons—can scare them.

Mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, what is it that lifts you up?

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Full of Hot Air

Typically the term, full of hot air is used in a derogatory fashion. For example, “Don’t pay attention to her, she’s full of hot air.” Not so at the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic that takes place annually on Labor Day weekend. In fact, it’s a requirement!

The sound of hundreds of dragons breathing fills the air as spectators get an up close and personal look during inflation and liftoff. And while these ginormous bags of hot air look a bit unwieldy on the ground, they exude delicate dignity as they float gracefully against the backlit morning sky.

No strings attached, the pilot and passengers aren’t tied down to anything; they’re quite literally untethered.

Do you have any strings attached?

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In early September as I drove across a small portion of the Mojave Desert—the dashboard indicating 106-degrees outside—I spotted a hot air balloon dancing gracefully across the cloud-dotted sky. Finding a safe spot, I stopped the truck and hopped out, camera in hand.

After being body-slammed by the heat—the breath sucked out of my lungs—my first thought was, “Heat rises, the people in that balloon must be miserable,” (unless those were grimaces on their faces instead of smiles, and they were waving for help instead of a friendly hello. Oh geez, you don’t suppose?!)…

My second thought was “Untethered! Those people aren’t “tied down” to anything.” There’s “no strings attached,” so to speak.

When was the last time you didn’t have any “strings attached?”

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
                — Laurie Buchanan

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