Ties that Bind

As you know, last week I had an adventure—a 2,100 mile roadtrip from Encinitas, California, back home to Crystal Lake, Illinois. As you saw in the photographs on the previous posts, the scenery traveling through Utah, Colorado, and Nebraska was breathtaking—each state compelling in its own unique way.

The highlight of my trip? That would be the 2-hour visit I had at the home of one of my mother’s closest friends, Mrs. Gaylor. It felt heavenly to be welcomed into her home and embraced by her warmth and good humor. A trace of the Carolina’s still lingers in her voice, bringing to mind amber-colored honey—gentle, unhurried, and sweet.

Laurie and Mrs. Gaylor

Laurie and Mrs. Gaylor

Then low and behold along come Chuck (left) and Joe (middle)—Mrs. Gaylor’s two sons—among my best friends growing up. I missed their sister Kathy (flying in from Montana) by one day. We gabbed and laughed as we reminisced about “incidents” we reminded each other of. Then all too soon I had to hit the road.

Chuck, Joe, and Mrs. Gaylor

Chuck, Joe, and Mrs. Gaylor

 It was a magical window of time—my growing up years on Goldenrod Street. I’m glad for the Gaylor-influence in my life. We couldn’t have lived so close for so many years and not have gleaned some of the best from each other. I’m proud to call them friends.

What friends were a positive influence in your growing-up years?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

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               — Laurie Buchanan

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