Here’s Your Sign!

On a recent drive home from a client session, I was mulling over an idea I’d “pitched” to a Vermont company that morning. I felt pretty darned good about it, but sent up a little “Please give me a sign” request to the Universe, adding “and could you please personalize it so I’ll know it’s for specifically for me.”

At the next stoplight a large truck pulled in front of me from the left. The photo—taken with my iPhone through the windshield—is what I saw. Pretty doggone personal when you consider my last name is Buchanan.

If you look closely at the license plate you’ll see the truck is from Indiana — not around here. In other words, an out-of-state vehicle that wasn’t bound to statistically show up in front of me at some point or other.

I laughed out loud because in a very comedic Bill Engvall manner, the Universe said, “Here’s your sign.”

What was the last sign you received?

Laurie Buchanan

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