BodyTalk – Are you Listening?

Balance by Laurie Buchanan

Balance by Laurie Buchanan

BodyTalk is an astonishingly simple and effective holistic therapy that allows the body’s energy systems to be re-synchronized so they can operate as nature intended.

Each system, cell, and atom is in constant communication with each other at all times. Through exposure to the stresses of day-to-day life, however, these lines of communication can become compromised or disconnected, which then leads to a decline in physical, emotional, and/or mental well-being. Reconnecting these lines of communication enables the body’s internal mechanisms to function at optimal levels, thus repairing and preventing disease while rapidly accelerating the healing process. In this way, BodyTalk stimulates the body’s innate ability to balance and heal itself on all levels—body, mind and spirit.

BodyTalk can be used as a stand alone system to treat many chronic and acute health problems, or can be seamlessly integrated with any healthcare regimen to increase its overall effectiveness. BodyTalk’s major assets are its simplicity, safety, and the speed of results.

BodyTalk is non-invasive, objective in application, and works effectively on humans and animals alike.

If a BodyTalk technique is implemented incorrectly, there will be no result or change; it will not make things worse. Because of this built-in safety factor, anyone who receives BodyTalk has nothing to lose and everything to gain as far as his or her health and wellness is concerned.

The BodyTalk practitioner in my geographic area is Kris Freeman. She’s the owner of Freedom Therapies. Even if you’re not in the Crystal Lake, Illinois area, you can find out a lot more about this wonderful energy-based modality by looking through her website.

A BodyTalk Access seminar will be held at HolEssence on August 22, 2010. For details, follow this LINK.

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               – Laurie Buchanan
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Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.)

Harmony by Laurie Buchanan

Harmony by Laurie Buchanan

B.E.S.T. is a non-forceful, energy balancing hands-on procedure used to help reestablish the full healing potential of the body. It’s based on scientific principles utilizing light pressure contact on the surface of the body to address parasympathetic and sympathetic imbalances.

The sympathetic nervous system has an active “pushing” function; it’s like the gas pedal in your car. When we’re in the fight, flight, or freeze mode, the pedal is to the floor.

The parasympathetic nervous system is mainly a relaxing function; it’s like the brake pedal in your car.

The sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems are both parts of the autonomic nervous system (autonomic meaning it can’t be controlled by the mind) and work in balance with each other and directly or indirectly affect almost every structure in the body.

B.E.S.T. utilizes a noninvasive way to update brain patterns. When emotional thoughts such as worry, guilt, fear, or judgment become the overriding factor in our memory patterns, interference with health and wellness becomes the norm. This interference, formulated by conscious thought, which in turn becomes a pattern, prevents the true expression of our physical bodies healing capability.

B.E.S.T. uses a noninvasive way to identify the interference, update the emotional pattern, and then allows the body to function based on current situations rather than past experiences. Our body has the innate ability to heal itself, but it needs to be given the opportunity.

B.E.S.T. is about unlocking the power within each of us—the pattern for health and wellness.

When was the last time you did your BEST?

When was the last time you did your BEST? — Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) Click To Tweet