I Married a Cereal Killer

As we approach Halloween I think of the fun costumes we’ve worn in the past. My all-time favorite was Len being a cereal killer.

A close second was the year that Len painted himself black, I painted myself blue, we linked arms and went together as a bruise.

Masks are ideal costume accessories for Halloween, but many of us wear them throughout the year—pretending to be something other than who we are. If we don a mask to accommodate someone else’s idea of who we ought to be, it’s time to stop the masquerade; to remove it.

Don’t be held hostage by the opinion of others.

What was the last mask you wore?

P.S. Be sure to finish your to-boo list early so you can let your hair down, raise your hackles, and have a howling good time on Halloween. Bwahaha…

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