Please and Thank You!

I’m so close yet far away and NEED YOUR HELP.

It takes 1,000 BookBub followers for an author to be eligible for PREORDER ALERTS. Impervious, book three in the Sean McPherson series hits the shelves on April 4th. Right now, I’m at 883 followers.

I’ll follow you back.

Here’s a link to my BookBub page



12 thoughts on “Please and Thank You!

  1. I thought I had already followed and reviewed you on BookBub. My bad. Taken care of now. It was 903 and counting when I left.

  2. Dear Laurie, sorry for this reply. I have been on Book Bub for years.I was happy to “follow” you! My publisher put “What Color Is Your Brain?” on Book Bub and did not tell me. It was a grand surprise and it sold very well! Best of Luck! I am always happy to help! With warmest regards, Sheila

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