What Gives Me the Write?

I have many rights, for which I’m incredibly grateful. 

But I have fewer writes. For me, they’re a little harder to come by because my muse isn’t always available.

I love my little writing studio!

What helps, encourages, and gives me the ability to write? My muse—clutter-free space and stone-cold silence. 

If there’s clutter? Fuhgeddaboudit!
If there’s noise? Fuhgeddaboudit!

What’s your muse?

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28 thoughts on “What Gives Me the Write?

  1. Once I have a story going and I’m in its grip, I can write anywhere, but it needs to be something that grabs me and keeps nagging me until I have to write it. I am not feeling my muse right now either, but perhaps there are far too many things going on. Lovely space.

  2. I have always said in my job as a staff writer, I never could wait for a muse or to be inspired: you wrote because of a deadline or a project etc. That has taught me to plow ahead even when I wasn’t really inspired–and soon enough, the inspiration and joy and invigoration of writing flowed through my heart and soul. I had to write with people talking too loudly down the hall. I had to write sometimes with a mess on my desk, although I tried to keep neat piles. Just saying. But thanks for the musing here!!

  3. I used to tell myself that I needed isolation and quiet to write, but then I attended a writing workshop led by Caroline Pignat. She is a mother and a high school teacher, so she simply doesn’t have the luxury of great gobs of quiet solitude for writing. She said that she has learned that she doesn’t need the perfect atmosphere to write. She writes at any time, in the middle of family hubbub. Not only does she get her writing done that way, but it shows her family how important writing was to her. That is the single best piece of writing advice I have ever received.

  4. My desk will never look as Spartan as yours, but I’m mostly happy because I know where everything is. I too like silence, but if I feel fatigued or blocked, I’ll listen to Mozart or Haydn, which keeps me going.

    What else gives me the write? Reading an article OR finding a treasure, hidden in plain sight, which I’ll write about soon. Provocative question, Laurie. 🙂

  5. I really don’t much care what the circumstances are if I feel moved enough to write, I wrote some of my best work on the school bus full of morning-sprung adolescents, throttling down a country highway with the Sun barely over the hills. If these thoughts of writing feel they need to come free from my head, they probably will if I think they can get away with it. Since I am more of a visible graphic artist, my notes tend to be different than a writer’s, more often just a line or three. In that case all I need is the back of a grocery receipt and pencil stub. I can concoct and fabricate perfect situations from now to kingdom come but that doesn’t guarantee that lightning will strike. Sometimes the nudge is gentle, sometimes like a kick in the shin, but always an occasion for gratitude and happiness at being remembered again with such a fine gift. I just wish I answered the Call more often.

  6. Early morning , pitch black outside , silence , candles and Arthur curled up beside me . My writing room I use in the day is full of books and nic nacks . Like you say Laurie it’s what makes the world go round to be different .

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