Hoist the Sails!

Take a spin around, click on links, and test-drive some of the features at at lauriebuchanan.com.

Is Tuesdays With Laurie going away? Not on your life! You’ll still find me here every Tuesday.

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What are your plans for the new decade?

“Writers are the wind that sail words across the page.” —Laurie Buchanan

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49 thoughts on “Hoist the Sails!

  1. Huge congratulations, Laurie! 😀 The new website looks amazing. Wishing you much happiness and success as you sail on your new path in life, giving so much to others along the way! Happy New Year! Xx

  2. Laurie – this is wonderful! Your website shines with your sparkling personality! I loved reading all the fun facts about you and all your speaking topic offerings.

    For 2020, my goals include dusting off cobwebs from my coaching side biz and laying the foundation to follow a similar path of coaching, writing and speaking. Thank you for being an inspiration and sharing your journey!!! Can’t wait for more books from you!

  3. Yeay, Laurie! Big congratulations to you! That is fantastic news! I’m all signed up and anticipating fantastic posts to sail into my inbox in 2020! One of my goals for 2020 includes obtaining an agent for the children’s book I have written. All the best to you and your family for 2020, dear Laurie! Happy New Year!! Cher xo

  4. Congrats and good luck on your new odyssey. The website is beautiful. I think I subscribed but haven’t seen a confirmation yet, so I’m not sure.

    I’ll keep on writing, marketing, learning, improving, and fighting the good fight against aging. Same old same old, I guess. 🙂


    • Chris — Thank you for checking out my new website. I’m glad you like it. Yes, I saw that you subscribed. Hopefully, you’ve received the “welcome” email by now (please let me know if you haven’t).

      I think it would be more accurate to say “same young, same young” — you’re face is ageless 🙂

  5. Love, love, love your website! Very inviting and warm. Congratulations!!

    My plans for 2020 include having my memoir in the hands of an editor at the end of March and re-launching my professional coaching practice (vs. solely sub-contracting). There will be other changes but these are my top two.

    So happy Tuesday’s with Laurie will still be here. Hope to see you “on the road!”

    • Audrey — I’m so glad you like my new website. Thank you for taking the time to check it out.

      I love the sound of your plans for 2020. And yes, I hope to intersect with you somewhere along the way — hopefully at the Writers’ Institute in March 🙂

  6. Congratulations!! I love your new website and especially love that you make deliberate choices about the direction of your journey – and then ALLOW it to unfold in perfect time. Nothing like 2020 vision this year – looking forward to all that the new year will bring!

    • Lisa — I’m so glad that you like the website. Thank you for letting me know. And yes, much like a lotus flower, it takes a bit of MUD (got plenty of that) and un-rushed time to blossom (unfold). Happy New Year to you and yours! 🙂

  7. Love the website! Very savvy, it answers all the right questions! I am now subscribed and looking forward to keeping up with your busy self this upcoming year. As for my own self, hmmm… I am not hesitating from lack of choice, Lordy, No! I have so many things that I can’t wait to tackle, reorganizing my life again is always fulfilling if not particularly long lived. I have an office begging to be set up, paints, brushes and canvas to be found and put in their proper places. And I want to spend more time outside, simply goofing off.

    • Sandi — I’m glad you like the new website and subscribed, thank you. I can hardly wait until you get your office situated and dive back into painting. Although goofing off sounds like a world of fun, too! 🙂

  8. What a beautiful new website! Wow. So glad you’re enjoying your speaking engagements. I learn from you in so many ways. Love your description of yourself, too. 🙂 Me? I hope to write an anthology of my flash fiction next and I have at least three presentations on the calendar about writing and publishing children’s books (and finding our purr) in CA and MA. But mostly? I want to cherish all those I love, to walk in nature, to ommm in meditation, and to appreciate every second in this worldly dimension.

    • Pam — I’m so glad you like my new website. Thank you for letting me know. Your writing projects sound interesting, and your speaking engagements are far and wide! I love your list of “but mostlys.” 🙂

  9. Love it!!! 😀
    Beautiful shade of blue – my favourite colour. 🙂
    The white text on blue is fairly easy to read – a tricky combination to get right. 🙂
    Exceptionally easy to navigate – YAY!!! … some sites are so unnecessarily complicated they disappear up their own bums!
    Bravo!!! … and Happy New Decade! 😀

  10. Lovely website here. Wishing you a beautiful decade yrself. My plans with writing? Unsure, my days are hectic with a son recovering from illness. But its the challenges that got me blogging again. I write from what goes on in my day. And I paint. Have a blest 2020

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