There’s not another person in the entire world who’s exactly like you. 

Law enforcement agencies and certain governmental departments use FINGERPRINTS to identify people. That’s because no two people in the world have the same prints. 

Scientists in Japan have discovered that our LIPS are distinctive too. Just like fingerprints, lips have little markings on them, tiny grooves in the skin, and each person has a different pattern.

No two people have the same SMELL. Police and other tracking dogs can follow a person’s scent—without getting mixed up—just by the smell (scent trail) a person leaves behind.

EYES, too, are used for identification. Just like fingerprints, every eye in the world is different. 

Our TEETH are different as well. That’s why our dental records can be used for identification.

My favorite thing about me? My earlobes. Definitely my earlobes!

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What’s your favorite thing about you?


42 thoughts on “YOU-nique

  1. 😱I’m the very first one to reply . This is unheard of . I missed last week for some reason . I really like your ear lobes too Laurie ( you’re all lovely really )
    It has to be my eyes . I show all my emotion in my eyes so I can’t hide anything that’s for sure . Love the earrings too.

  2. Interesting question. I am quite flexible (at least my body is, even at my age. I’d love to think my mind is flexible as well, but I’m not so convinced) and I like that. Good earlobes!

  3. As always, you both educate and inspire, revealing a lovely part of yourself and inviting others to do the same. I guess I’ll have to name my cheeks, since I have been carrying a nickname of “Rosy Cheeks” most of my life. I actually have a mild form of rosacea, a skin disease. But I forget to put on the cream I am supposed to take. I just go “as is.”

  4. I think it is so amazing that we are all unique in so many ways! You do have lovely ear lobes. Many people say my smile is my best quality which makes me happy. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Adorable earlobes, and you decorate them sweetly with those earrings. I’m an earring person myself (I think I show my mood by which earrings I chose to wear on a certain day. Today I’m wearing the small sparkling sapphire blue ones). 🙂 But my favorite unique part of me? My imagination. ❤

  6. I’m with Cherry. It has to be my eyes. Ever since I was a 2-year-old sitting on a rocker with a book, I’ve loved reading. Although I have a serious condition in one eye, it is treatable, so I can hold on to my independence — and love of reading & writing.

    Your drop earrings are stunning, the perfect compliment to your lovely earlobes. Thank you for helping us all to express gratitude in this You-nique way, Laurie.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Marian — I’m so glad that the condition in one of your eyes is treatable so that you can read and write. I think of reading and writing as “super powers” and I wouldn’t want mine to be compromised in any way. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  7. You’re a font of knowledge, Laurie. 🙂 Lips, earlobes, smell, teeth, eyes . . . who knew? (Actually, I knew about eyes and teeth. Didn’t know lips or smell were unique.

    My favorite thing about me is that I’m tall. On the whole, being tall seems better than being short. Not 100%, but probably 80% good, 20% “OWW! I hit my head on that damn doorway/light fixture/low tree branch/airplane cabin ceiling/________!”


    • Chris — Having met you in person, I can attest to the fact that you’re tall. And not being short myself, I can also attest that clunking one’s head (which I do quite often on the overhead compartments on commercial flights) is never a pleasure 😠

  8. I like my eyes and am grateful for them. Awaiting a little surgery to keep me reading. I would add my smile to my eyes. When I smile my eyes seem to twinkle and I can get almost everyone to smile back. It’s a whole thing
    You have lovely earlobes with nice earring attached. Good looking all round.
    Happy Thanksgiving to every one

    I am unable to get the like buttons to work from my phone. But I read all the comments and nice to see all the body parts “love”

  9. Laurie, your earings decorate the ears that define your facial borders. Your ears also make a useful accessory by giving you convenient outcrops on which to hang your spectacles. An attractive combination! If I have an outstanding physical feature, it must be my hair, still naturally blond, still long “ala hippie” and as much a part of my vanity/ego as anything else. When people comment on it, I tell them “it’s just the craziness in my head coming out.”

  10. Sorry I’m late … client meeting this morning. Love this post … my unique feature, my dimples. My paternal grandmother, Nana, told me when I was quite young, “this is where the angels kissed you.” Throughout my childhood I felt special because of my Nana’s assurance about my special dimples.

  11. Hi Laurie,
    My favourite thing about me – is my brain.
    I like the way it works.
    I like that it cares deeply about people and about life more broadly.
    I like the ways it care little about social agreement, much preferring agreement with reality.
    I like the ways that is finds pattern, and the way it can form images of pattern that are deeply recursive in nature, letting me do things like look out the window at mountains, and see their beauty, then start to overlay known fault systems, then bring in subducting plates, and the torsional forces of the 3D tearing and folding that such things create on a curved surface.
    I like the way intuitions appear to me, and the way my brain can sort through hordes of rational explanations to find one that fits the intuition, and do so as fast as I speak, so that very few people can see what is actually going on. Then I can start to consider how likely such a thing is, and what sort of test might confirm or deny it.
    Over 50 years of that happening has taken me a very long way from anything that is common in terms of understanding of systems.

    And my brain does like odd things. I like Tom Lehrer’s songs, and Pink Floyd.
    Seeing your post title reminded me of a joke Jewelia bought home when she was about 5 years old:

    How do you can a unique rabbit?

    You ‘neek up on it.

    How do you catch a tame rabbit?

    Tame way – you ‘neek up on it!

    Somehow – that always makes me smile.

  12. Interesting! Both the information, and your choice of earlobes as a favourite part. That’s not one I would have thought of. For me, I’ll say hands. Apart from the fact that they are useful (which is very important) I have long fingers and square palms, so I’m pleased with their appearance as well. People’s hands are especially meaningful body parts, I think. I remember staring at my father’s hands in his casket, remembering all the tools the hands had held, and all the ways in which those hands had done things that “touched” my life.

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