Egg On Your Face

When our granddaughter has egg on her face, it’s because she’s feeding herself. And at almost one, she’s doing a fantastic job!

But the ordinary definition of “egg on your face” means to be extremely embarrassed. Usually, the embarrassment is the result of one’s own actions. 

The etymology of this word isn’t known for sure, but may come from a time when circus clowns had eggs thrown at them because of their silliness, or when people threw eggs at actors who did a poor job.

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When was the last time you had egg on your face?


50 thoughts on “Egg On Your Face

  1. I know there have been times when I had egg on my face – I’m sure it was frequent when I worked in offices. However, I cannot recall any more recent times. Maybe I should get out more…


    Your grandbaby is adorable.

  2. I love seeing little Luna’s personality peeking through her eggs on her face. Oh my!
    No egg on my face recently that I can recall.

  3. I had egg on my face this month when I realized one of the trees I had picked out in April and was planted in June was a pear tree instead of the Sensation Boxelder I’d purchased…and I didn’t catch the error even though I looked at that tree every day.. The tree farm folks had a little egg on their faces as well, but they responded quickly to replace my tree. I guess I should review everything I ever learned about tree identification.

  4. Beautiful photo of your beloved granddaughter! As I get older I find too many of those incessant ‘egg on your face’ occurrences. Just two night ago over the weekend Lucille and I waited for almost a half hour in front of a son’e friend’s house for Jeremy to emerge. We found out by phone he was actually at a different location.

  5. I am having computer/blog problems and my IT Girl is in Greece. I am feeling rather eggy as I try to fix the problem myself and like I should know better how this all works. Now my email is also not working properly….more egg. I need to laugh, but it feels all to serious at the moment.
    I have Dyscalcula and every time I had to do something mathematical I felt well egged and tried to hide my face. Perfect post to read today Okay now I am trying to laugh about it all….

  6. A couple of Saturday’s ago, I was attending a classical music concert. The music carried me away to a tranquil place of great beauty but… I was on medication–recovery from a wasp sting and heavily perfumed woman sat directly behind me. I began to feel light-headed and dizzy.
    My husband said, “Try to relax.”
    And I tried but…
    I tried to put my head between my knees but…I was wearing a skirt.
    Not wanting to cause a scene and not wanting to detract from the beautiful music, I decided to extract myself and aimed for the corridor–a short 10 feet away.
    I made it but…
    I woke up in my husband’s arms and in the care of a retired nurse and a visiting emergency room doctor. And it felt like a dozen eggs on my face.

  7. Precious photo, so cute! Blue Brain individuals do not become embarrassed easily because they can easily laugh at their mistakes.

  8. Nothing immediately comes to mind, Laurie, but I think that’s probably because it happens often enough to keep me humble! 🙂 Your beautiful granddaughter is so precious, egg and all! 🙂

  9. Ahh ! bless her she is doing so well . Love the name Luna I really do …that lady will go far . Does she fancy politics because there may well be …
    Anyway I adore a boiled egg and so does Arthur …with crumpet soldiers Mmm!

      • Hi Laurie just read your response 😊 I don’t know what your version on a crumpet is unfortunately , it could be a muffin . A crumpet is sometimes called a pikelet they’re perhaps similar to a muffin but they have little dimples in them for all that lovely butter to fill up ( not good for you I guess but what is that’s umptious) . The soldier bit is what we Brits call bread being sliced in fingers ( usually toast ) straight finger ,hence soldiers. I hope that helps . If you visit our corner of Wales sometime I will have some waiting for you and Luna 😂❤️

  10. Your granddaughter is adorable, I had all three of mine with me last night for a Grammy sleepover! It’ll take three days to recover but it was worth it! Thank goodness I don’t have egg on my face as often these days, mostly when I jump to the wrong conclusion, and refuse to let go! Great post Laurie!

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