Henny Penny

Standing in the driveway waiting for Len to come home, I had the eerie feeling that I was being watched, so I turned around. At first glance, I didn’t see anyone. Upon closer inspection, this is what I saw:

When she saw me see her see me (yes, you read that right), she let out a shriek, “The sky is falling!” At least, that’s how I translated it.

That moment made me laugh. I’m glad I didn’t miss it.

“The moment is where our life takes place. We miss the moment—we miss life.” — John Daido Loori, author of Zen Photography

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What recent moment are you glad you didn’t miss?

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42 thoughts on “Henny Penny

  1. I love this. Animals are amazing. We were having a coffee and a snack at an outdoor coffeeshop the other day and a pigeon sat on the edge of our table watching our every move. The look in her eyes said, “Are you going to eat that?” She waited until we were finished and moved our plates to the edge before she took a crumb. So polite.

  2. The radio station I volunteer at organised a street party last week, and one of the neighbours came and brought her two cockatoos in their cage. The street was decorated with some Dalí inspired motifs, and it did add to the surreal feel of the moment. 😉

  3. I’m glad I didn’t miss that moment last week when Katie Cat strolled up to a lazy Sassy Dog and touched noses. Sassy didn’t move a hair, but Katie charged off into the other room as if Sassy was chasing her. I wondered if that was an invitation to play, but I guess Sassy was more interested in a nap at the time.

  4. I like this! The Little Red Hen! Lol! I’m glad I didn’t miss a coyote that was standing on my doorstep. Yes, I was in the back country but it was the middle of the day.

  5. Each moment has a million moments inside it. I’m glad I didn’t miss the moment that I was sitting on our front porch rocker a few days ago, my guy standing by as I instructed him (asked nicely) if the hummingbird feeder needed more water. At THAT moment a tiny hummer whizzed in front of us, sipped on the nearby fuschia flower nearby, then flew in motion (without moving) right in front of me for an incredible moment. Did she think she could sip my words from me? Did she wonder what kind of flower I was? We stared at each other with delight (from my side) and seeming astonishment (from her side). 🙂

  6. So the chicken was up in a tree? And I always thought chickens couldn’t fly. Huh? Thank you for clearing that up, Laurie.

    There’s so many minutes that I’m glad I witnessed. Early this morning, my dog letting loosing and running, with pure joy, through an open field.

    Keep catching those minutes…

    • Leanne — Yes, the chicken was sitting on a tree branch. I think they they “leap” more than they fly (although I’m no expert).

      I’m glad you got to experience the sight of your dog letting loose. That’s wonderful! 🙂

  7. This morning was just waking up to the sound of the thrushes and blackbirds doing their pre dawn thing. 3 days ago it was standing on the 18th green at the Kaikoura golf course listening to the grey warblers doing their thing in full voice, then seeing a falcon swoop low over the road as I was almost home.

    There is so much life around us, yet so few people actually notice or appreciate it.

    I was in Texas about 12 years ago for a training course and over lunch one day I asked the group I was eating with what the birds were that were singing. No one knew, none had even noticed that they were there (whereas for me they dominated the soundscape). It made me feel sad, that even people attending a self awareness and self mastery course could be so disconnected from the natural world around them.

    It isn’t confined to the USA, it is almost as common here in New Zealand.

  8. A funny moment was last Saturday my son-in-law opened a birthday card that had been sent by one of our daughters in 2015. He had not received it before. The post office had returned it to that daughter but she kept forgetting to give it to Brian. So she gave it this year on his 40th birthday and we all exploded in laughter as he began to read it outloud and of course the daughter who bought it for him, had no idea any more what the message was. It was a drawing of a snail crawling slowly, with a caption along the lines of “Sorry this card is so late …” with a similiar inside message about belatedness. It was too funny. And fun.

  9. Is that Dayton’s chicken or rooster? The rooster is no longer just crowing to announce that it’s wakeup time! But now he seems to announce everything else inbetween morning and night time! 🙂 I’m glad I didn’t miss the moment when John and then Justin were born!!

    • Jan — I’m not surprised that you guys can hear the roosters all the way up in the main house. For whatever reason, this summer they’ve decided to announce pre-dawn, the sun, the slightest change in the wind direction, cars that drive up Walnut Street, cars that drive down Walnut Street, and… 🙂

  10. Yesterday I was up early and opened the front door to let in fresh air. Across the street, standing in an area warmed by the sun … this years Sandhill Crane family of four were soaking up the early rays.
    After a bit, one of the adults raised its head and looked my way. But, sensing I was friendly went back to AM preening.
    What a gift.

  11. Came across a beautiful bridge in Calgary, canada,across the Bow river,was a contrast to the old covered bridges I had seen in Vermont-very open,almost inviting one to interact-I went ahead and took a picture with a fellow tourist-knoen as the Peace Bridge.

  12. Laurie, you know I’ve had my share of Henny-Penny’s running about so I do know how they appear in the darndest places without much warningand give you a good start in the bargain. The last moment that caught my eye and my heart was the sight of my 5 year old granddaughter trying to catch goldfish from pond/tank in my back yard. I felt like I had reinvented the mud puddle!

    • Sandi — First of all, I can’t believe that Lilly’s five. Count ’em, FIVE! Where oh where has the time gone?

      I know that your tank pond is as much of a treasure for them as it is for you. Maybe even more so. And just think of the great memories they’ll always have! 🙂

  13. I had to wait for a coyote to cross the street the other day, and later the same day waited on a peacock! I love little encounters with urban wildlife. 🙂

  14. For this time only I will bypass your always superbly connected question Laurie to focus on this unexpected meeting your describe in your lead-in. We do encountered a rooster two years ago near a train track crossing not far from our neighborhood. My youngest daughter was miraculously able to corral it (maybe it was freed when its cage came off a truck headed for a slaughterhouse?) and it has been in our shed-basement extension for two years now keeping company with our caged amazon parrot.

  15. We were without power all of last week after a major storm. Our house wasn’t damaged so we decided to stay home, without power, a generator or an i-phone — and part of the time without a car (we had a mechanical problem — not storm related). One moment I’m glad we didn’t miss was the night it was too hot to sleep inside and we sat out on the porch looking at the stars.

  16. So many moments but one big one was iJuly 12, 1998 when I looked in the real estate section of the newspaper and decided right then I was moving from Aurora, Ontario back to Toronto. Three and a half months (and several house viewings) later I had moved back to my hometown Toronto, into a little bungalow. My writing and its ensuing adventures got wider and I got hooked on gardening. and with a little help at first (and a bit off and on later) I developed a garden front and back.

  17. I did know that chickens roost in trees because I work for someone who used to have them . Such fun creatures when you get to know them …never ‘just a chicken’.
    To think of those magic moments in life is difficult to place but when you capture the moment it’s priceless isn’t it Laurie 😂

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